Bomb Threat / Explosion

A bomb threat is generally defined as a threat to detonate an explosive or incendiary device to cause property damage, death, or injuries, whether or not such a device actually exists.

In the event that you do not have a list present, these are the most important questions to ask:

The key to preventing a bomb threat becoming an explosion is to report any threats as soon as they are received and report strange packages to the University Police as soon as possible.

In the event of a bomb threat do not use cell phones or activate fire alarms, as this may trigger an explosive device.


Signs of a Suspicious Package:

Please review the guidance from the USF Police Department for more information on identifying and handling suspicious packages.


If you are in a building that experiences an explosion:


Information concerning evacuation will be disseminated should it become necessary. Many different factors determine if a building or residence hall will be evacuated. Public Safety officials will advise the community of the need to evacuate during an emergency and/or areas being used to temporarily house those being evacuated.

For additional information regarding Bomb Threats, please review USF Policy #6-002.