Campus Safety

AlertUSF Emergency Notification System

The University of South Florida maintains an Emergency Notification System (ENS) for the purpose of issuing immediate notification to keep the USF community informed and safe during an emergency situation. There are many components of the system that provide redundant layers of notification to ensure the widest possible distribution of the message, and these system components are regularly tested to ensure proper functionality.

USF Safe App

The USF Safe App is available as a free download through the Apple or Google Play stores. Smartphone users now have the ability to make emergency calls and other helpful functions to help improve your personal safety and security. USFSafe can trigger Mobile BlueLight to alert Police. An interactive map helps you navigate on campus and the toolkit contains a flashlight, alarm and more.

Blue Light Phones

Blue Light Phones are emergency phones placed strategically throughout the campus. On the Tampa campus there are ninety lights in total and each light serves a specific radius. At night, the lights illuminate making it easy for a person in need to spot them. The light pole houses a blue light phone which allows you to contact the appropriate Police Department.


SAFE Team provides students with free and safe travel on the Tampa campus from 6:30pm to 2:00am (when classes are in session). Students can call or use the TapRide app to have an escort accompany them to their destination by foot or golf cart, or wait with them until their ride arrives. The SAFE Team is also trained to patrol the parking lots and report any unusual behavior on the Tampa campus to the University Police Department. 813-974-SAFE

Public Outreach

Throughout the year USF conducts various outreach projects to increase awareness among the faculty, staff and students. These projects include hurricane preparedness, active shooter prevention and preparedness, and other safety initiatives. These projects entail explaining the risk/ disaster and steps to take when faced with the situation in order to minimize damage.


USF promotes students' psychological wellness and academic success by providing students high quality, culturally competent counseling, mental health education training and outreach in collaboration with the University community in an effort to create psychologically, cognitively, and emotionally well campuses. Contact the Student Affairs office for your campus for more information.

Protective Actions Guide

Our Protective Actions Guide is for use on USF campuses and provides important guidance for a variety of emergency situations including active threat situations, hazardous materials release, tornadoes, fires, and power outages. 8.5x11 inch versions of this single-sheet guide, specific to each USF campus, are provided below as PDF files.