Active Threat

Active Threat prevention and response training provides valuable information about the characteristics, prevention tools, and response techniques that may be used before and during an active threat situation.

We now offer a brand new in-person active threat training series comprised of four unique modules. Module 1 and 2 can be taken as stand-alone courses, but both are pre-requisites for those wishing to take Modules 3 and 4.

Module 1: Basic Active Threat Presentation

Duration: 90 minutes

Participants: 5-200+

This course provides general guidance to USF community members on prevention, protection, and response to an active threat situation.

This is the same as the active threat presentation we have previously offered. Departments who have taken this course within the past 18 months will NOT have to retake it to qualify for Modules 2-4.

Module 2: Stop the Bleed training

Duration: 75-90 minutes

Participants: 2-15

Stop the Bleed is a national certification program that teaches participants to recognize life-threatening bleeding, act quickly and effectively to control bleeding, and become empowered to make a life or death difference when a bleeding emergency occurs. 

Course participants will learn how to use every element found in a stop the bleed kit, both on other particpants and on themselves, during interactive scenarios.

module 3: shelter in place drill

Duration: 60-120 minutes

Participants: 5-50

This module provides campus departments and organizations the opportunity to test and evaluate their ability to shelter in place in response to an active threat situation. The course focuses on physical protective measures, community resilience and risk reduction while building on previous training modules. 

Instructors will provide a safety walkthrough of the building/individual workspaces to help participants identify the safest areas to shelter, and run through various scenarios to prepare participants for multiple emergency situations.

Module 4: Active Shooter scenario exercise

Duration: 90-120 minutes

Participants: 5-50

This training provides a hands-on exercise for campus departments and organizations to practice the techniques they have learned in the previous three modules. Participants will work through an interactive scenario involving an active shooter in their building. They will be required to make decisions in real-time and take the best protective actions available to them given the situation. Participants will also utilize stop the bleed techniques to address any "injuries" that arise. Instructors will debrief after the scenario to provide feedback.

While this scenario will place participants under stress, it remains a no-fault environment where the main goals are to help participants learn and feel confident in the abilities they have gained over the course of the four modules.  



Active Threat Training FAQ

Active Threat Situation Checklist

request training Session

To request a training program for your department, complete the Training Request Form. Be sure to select the correct module you are wishing to take. Training forms must be submitted a minimum of two weeks prior to preferred training date. Please allow one week for training requests to be reviewed and scheduled. 

Contact your campus police department or for more information.