The USF Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) identifies the training requirements for various personnel with responsibilities in emergency operations.

Prior to completing the IS courses, you must register for a FEMA Student Identification Number (SID).

At a minimum, designated emergency operations personnel must complete the following courses:

Essential Personnel

First Line Supervisors, Single Resource Leaders, Field Supervisors

Emergency Operations Center Personnel and CIPG Members

Mid-Level Management including Strike Team Leaders, Task Force Leaders, Unit Leaders, Division/Group Supervisors, and Branch Directors

Command and General Staff, Area Commanders, and Emergency Management Staff

Most of these courses are available online, free of charge, and may be accessed by anyone who is interested. If there are additional training courses that you require and are not listed, please contact Emergency Management.

* Available sessions will be posted on Sert TracContact Emergency Management for additional information on how to register for these in-person training courses.

Please submit all certificates to to receive credit in GEMS for completion.