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Spotlight - Michael Ross Postal Services Representative

Michael Ross a Postal Services Representative

Michael Ross is a Postal Services Representative and has been working in OAS since 2017. You will typically find Michael behind the service counter of the USF Post Office. However, like all of the USF Post Office employees, Michael is cross-trained to perform all of the functions necessary to keep the Post Office running, from collecting mail, to sorting and distributing it, along with operating various types of postal equipment. 

Michael’s favorite part about working in the post office is the familial environment. He also appreciates that everyone works towards the same goals and knows when things need to be done to accomplish those goals. 

Michael moved to Tampa in 2015 from Massachusetts, where he served as a law enforcement officer for over 20 years after serving in the air force for 8 years. As an officer, he taught many diversity and inclusion trainings to various police departments in West Massachusetts. The skills he developed of teaching and having a strong sense of empathy have helped him excel in serving customers at the USF Post Office, however there are always challenges. Michael tries to stay positive and remember that sometimes people are having a bad day and they take it out on you but it’s not your fault. 

Outside of work, Michael is an avid motorcyclist, and even started a chapter of the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club in Springfield, Massachusetts, where they provided education and social welfare programs to children in the area. Michael hopes to start something like the Buffalo Soldiers in Tampa. He also loves to travel and wants to take a motorcycle tour through South America, as soon as he is able to. 

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