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Employees in the Office of Administrative Services (OAS) impact lives every day by exceeding expectations and creating WOW moments. These articles below highlight some of the great work done by OAS employees.

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February 11, 2020 - On February 11h, OAS held the 4th quarter town hall, ending with the Recognition and Awards pillar presenting the Excellence Awards quarterly and annual winners. These awards are peer nominated, and aim to show recognition to fellow employees for doing the excellent work that they do on a daily basis. Pictured below are our winners accompanied by Vice President Williams (OAS) and Assistant Vice President Duffy (FM).

Excellence Awards Annual winnersChaddy Hanwisai (FM), Henry Carrington (PATS), Vice President Williams (OAS), and Karen Cooke (PATS)
Quarterly WinnersDana Fussell (FM), Sarah Baynard (FM), Vice President Williams (OAS), Carlos Hernandez (FM), Jose Rivera Rodriquez (FM)
Annual Team AwardAnn Marie Vazquez (FM), Assistant Vice President Duffy (FM), Willie Clark (FM)
Annual Team Award TwoRob Risavy (FM), Shannon Kelly (FM), Vice President Williams (OAS), Mike Wayock (FM)




February 11th, 2020 - On February 11th, OAS held the 4th quarter town hall, ending with the Recognition and Awards pillar presenting the Excellence Awards quarterly and annual winners. These awards are peer nominated, and aim to show recognition to fellow employees for doing the excellent work that they do on a daily basis. Pictured below are our winners accompanied by Vice President Williams (OAS) and Assistant Vice President Duffy (FM).

Excellence Awards Feb 2020Chaddy Hanwisai (FM), Henry Carrington (PATS), Vice President Williams (OAS), Karen Cooke (PATS)
Excellence Awards Feb 2020Dana Fussell (FM), Sarah Baynard (FM), Vice President Williams (OAS), Carlos Hernandez (FM), Jose Rivera Rodriquez (FM)
Excellence Awards Annual WinnersAnn Marie Vasquez (FM), Assistant Vice President Duffy (FM), Willie Clark (FM)
Excellence Awards Team Rob Risavy (FM), Shannon Kelly (FM), Vice President Williams (OAS), Mike Wayock (FM)




December 20th, 2019 - The USF Faculty and Staff campaign is a fundraising effort that allows USF employees to make a gift to the area of their choice. Employees can choose to directly support an area anywhere in USF that they are passionate about. These gifts make a lasting impact on various areas at USF.

This year, the Office of Administrative Services held two Gift Wrapping Days as a way to fundraise for the campaign. Employees from OAS volunteered to wrap gifts for anyone that needed some help during the holiday season. The donation requested was one dollar for every two gifts that were wrapped.

For the 2020 fiscal year, the goal for OAS employee participation in the Faculty and Staff campaign is 70% or greater. Currently, 33% of OAS employees have donated. The minimum contribution is $1, and that's all you have to donate to increase OAS participation. If you would like more information on the campaign and the areas you can donate, or would like to donate online, visit

Gift WrappingDevanshi Tank, Wayne Wilcox, and Boniswa Joseph shown wrapping gifts.
Gifts WrappedGifts wrapped during OAS Gift Wrapping Days.

 the asbc gives back

November 21st, 2019 - The Administrative Services Business Center volunteers with the Junior Achievement Center of Tampa Bay twice a year. This year, ASBC volunteered at the JA Finance Park on November 21, and will be volunteering again in January of 2020.

In partnership with the education and business communities, Junior Achievement is transforming the student experience by bringing relevance, authenticity, and application to everyday learning to energize students about their future possibilities. The Junior Achievement center aims to equip this region's youth the confidence, understanding, and skills to meet the demands of the current economy. Through integrated learning models, they bridge the gap between what students learn in the classroom and how it is applied in the real world.

The JA Finance Park gives students the opportunity to put the knowledge learned in class into action. During this half-day experience, students assume randomly assigned family and income scenarios and visit businesses to gather information for their personal financial decision-making. They utilize banking services and learn how to handle living expenses such as housing, transportation, insurance, and health care. They also learn to make investment decisions. 

Volunteers at JA Finance Park provides students with information about different budget items, assist the students in balancing their budget, and help them to stay on task and focus on their personal goals. This experience impacts student lives by giving them the resources and confidence they need in the future. Thank you to the ASBC employees that volunteered at this event!

ASBC VolunteeringJulie McCoy, Syed Meerza, and Corey Kelly at the JA Finance Park


November 5th , 2019 - On November 5th, OAS held the 3rd quarter town hall, ending with the Recognition and Awards pillar presenting the Excellence Awards quarterly winners. These awards are peer nominated, and aim to show recognition to fellow employees for doing the excellent work that they do on a daily basis. Pictured below are our winners accompanied by Vice President Williams (OAS).

Excellence AwardsHenry Carrington (PATS) and VP Williams (OAS)
Excellence AwardsJames Gillilan (FM) and VP Williams (OAS)
Excellence AwardsTony McKinnon (FM) and VP Williams (OAS)
Excellence AwardsJames Groover (PATS), Niero Rojas (PATS), VP Williams (OAS), Albert McDuffus (PATS), and James Orf (PATS)
Excellence AwardsMichael Ross (FM) and VP Williams (OAS)Excellence AwardsMarquis Wallace-Oliphant (PATS) and VP Williams (OAS)


October 11, 2019 - This year was the first time departments in OAS have participated in the annual Homecoming Parade. There was an excellent turn out with floats representing every department. There was also a competition for the best decorated float.

Each group that participated received a bag of items they were required to incorporate into their floats. The items ranged from cotton balls to fairy wings to a single rubber glove. There was no theme, so teams had full reign to let their creativity flow.

The Grounds float was named the winner of the float-decorating competition, followed by Maintenance and Special Allocation in 2nd and Parking and Transportation Services in 3rd. This event was a great morale booster for everyone who was involved. We look forward to seeing bigger and better floats in next year's parade!

Stranger Things FloatBull Float


good luck in retirement barbara donerly!

September 7, 2019 - After 27 years of service and dedication to the University of South Florida, Barbara Donerly retired on September 27. Since 1992, Barbara has made tremendoues contributions to USF serving in her current role as Assistant Director of Campus Planning in Facilities Management, and prior to that, working as a Facilities Project Manager where she orchestrated campus master planning. A campus master plan provides an extensive and detailed layout to guide future USF growth and property development for years to come. 

During Barbara's tenure, she played a huge role in the construction of many buildings and sites on campus. She considers the renovation of the MLK plaza to be one of her greatest  achievements. "There was nothing there between the SVC and FAH," said Barbara. Now the campus landscape includes a recasted full bust of Dr.King that is mounted at his true height, a granite wall inscribed with hs famous "I Have A Dream" speech, a fountain, and a number of trees stretching from SVC to FAH.

Under Barbara's leadership, Campus Planning has planted over 5,000 trees, improved bike lanes, and expanded the shuttle service which now goes off campus to both the north and south ends. Barbara has also been a part of the expansion of campus housing and addition of the Greek Village.

Barbara hopes that after she retires, her intended greenway concept for the campus will be completed. "That's the one thing I'm going to enjoy watching in the future," said Barbara. "But I know it's going to be in good hands." Congratulations, Barbara! Thank you for your unwavering contributions to USF!

Barbara Donerly


employee appreciation

August 30, 2019 - This month, two employee appreciation luncheons were held within OAS. The first luncheon was hosted by Donna Morrison, Assistant Director for the Center of Excellence for Aging and Brain Repair. Donna and other occupants of the USF Health Therapy building were highly impressed with the maintenance of their building and wanted to show their appreciation by hosting a luncheon for the crew.

Utilities also held an appreciation luncheon this month. Dwayne Callaway's family created a dessert display for the crew to enjoy.

Employee appreciation and recognition can have significant positive effects on the workplace and on employees. It motivates employees and helps them feel more connected to the organization. OAS works hard to make sure each employee feels that their effors are seen and appreciated.

There are countless ways to show appreciation for your fellow employees. While luncheons and gifts are nice, a simple "thank you" can go a long way. Let a coworker or employee know how much their contributions mean to you!

grounds luncheonGroundskeepers, (from left to right) Otis Evans, Robert Guia, and Roy Banks at Grounds luncheon.

dessertDessert display created by Dwayne Callaway's family for the Utilities luncheon.

groundskeepers recognized for excellent work

 July 1, 2019 - USF Groundskeepers are always working hard to guarantee the campus is looking its best. This month, the USF Grounds Unit has been recognized on multiple occasions for providing outstanding work.

The first recognition came from the Dean's office for the Muma College of Business. They said the grounds surrounding the business building had never looked better! To show their appreciation for the excellent work done, the Dean's office recognized the Grounds detail crew with Muma hats and t-shirts.

Later in July, the Grounds Unit was recognized by Dr. Puglisim Director of the Stavros Center, for the excellent work they do in maintaining the Stavros Center. The crew that maintains this area was recognized with a luncheon and certificates of appreciation. Keep up the good work, Groundskeepers!

Eya Hernandez
Eya Hernandez, Senior Groundskeeper, pictured with the Muma College of Business hat and t-shirt.

grounds lunch edit
Cali Dejesus, Jazmine Torrez, Robert Guia, Jorge Fernandez, Jerry Fernandez, Eya Hernandez, and Roy Banks (not pictured) attended the luncheon.


June 25, 2019 - Employee appreciation is an essential part of maintaining an enjoyable work environment. On June 25th, the OAS Recognition and Awards Pillar presented their second annual OAS Employee Appreciation Event. This event was held across three different sessions in order to give all employees an opportunity to attend. The event included sandwiches, drinks, games, and a live DJ. A big thank you goes out to all OAS employees who are constantly impacting lives and exceeding expectations! Check out some OAS employees, pictured below, enjoying their time out of the office with food, games, and good conversation.

employee one

night employee

employee two

campus planning team keeping campus beautiful

May 14, 2019 - Typically, in regards to higher education, academics is the focus. However, there are many other factors that will sway prospective students when choosing their school. One major factor in a students' decision is the campus environment. When a university looks good, it appeals to prospective students from the second they step on campus. At the same time, a well-landscaped campus provides a more engaging environment for current students.

This summer, the Planning team has developed multiple projects to improve the appearance of USF. Recently, the focus has been on the campus walking tour route and the first impression of visitors. The landscaping team will be installing trees, flowers, and shrubs in several areas around campus including the entrance to the Patel Center, OPM, Campus Recreation and the Morsani center as well as a couple of the USF corner monuments. These additions are meant to improve aesthetics and create a more cohesive look throughout campus while also using Florida-friendly landscaping materials. Shuang Hao, the Facilities Management Landscape Architect, says, aside from landscape  maintenance, there are site-specific conditions that drive plant selection, including sun vs. shade, water requirement vs. drought tolerance and visibility.

collins median
Pictured above is the first completed project, the median at the Collins Boulevard entrance.

 oas town hall: 1st quarter excellence awards

April 16, 2019 - On April, 16th, OAS held the 1st quarter town hall, ending with the Recognition and Awards pillar presenting the Excellence Awards quarterly winners. These awards are peer nominated, and aim to show recognition to fellow employees for doing the excellent work that they do on a daily basis. Pictured below are our winners accompanied by Vice President Williams (OAS) and Assistant Vice President Duffy (FM).

award one
Rex Dunkel (PATS), Erin Charles (PATS), VP Williams, and Karen Cooke (PATS)

awards twoChaddy Hanwisai (FM) and VP Williams

awards threeWilliam Clark (FM), AVP Duffy, and Ann Marie Vasquez (FM)

administrative services employees receive 2018 outstanding staff awards

March 29, 2019 - On Friday, March 29th, the University community came together to recognize and celebrate the 79 honorees of the 2018 Outstanding Staff Award (OSA) Program. We were proud to have 7 of these honorees be apart of the OAS family!

The event was hosted by President Judy Genshaft, who welcomed everyone and spoke about the importance of the Outstanding Staff Awards, the University of South Florida’s most prestigious award for excellence and achievement. 

All of the 2018 OSA recipients then joined President Judy Genshaft in the center of the stage for a group photo and a confetti shower, a fitting end for an amazing group of Outstanding Staff Award recipients!

Pictured below are the Administrative Services employees who were honored at this year's awards ceremony. Congratulations to you all!

OS winnerIndividual Award - Chaddy Hanwisai, Facilities Project Manager

OS winner twoIndividual Award - David Dickman, Maintenance Technician

OS winner threeIndividual Award - Eric Tate, Assistant Manager, PATS

OS groupTeam Award (left to right) - Adelle Amison, Fiscal & Business Specialist
Corey Kelly, Fiscal & Business Analyst
Julie McCoy, Manager Fiscal & Business Administration
Shawna Neckar, Fiscal & Business Analyst
Charlene French-Bunch, Fiscal & Business Analyst (not pictured)


fm's response to sinkhole

February 13, 2019 - Early in the morning on Wednesday February 13th, an unsuspecting driver had a unique experience when waiting for the light to change at the intersection of USF Magnolia Drive and USF Holly Drive. The driver felt a slight jolt to his car and got out to check what had hit him. It turned out a small sinkhole had formed right under his back tire! By the end of the day, the sinkhole had grown larger than the truck itself. While the driver was able to get his truck out of the depression prior to it growing further, this closed down a portion of USF Magnolia Drive until the following Tuesday, February 19th. This closure produced a major traffic pattern switch and contributed to congestion of other areas on campus, specifically USF Health.

The Facilities Management team quickly worked to restore the roadway to minimize the sinkhole's impact to campus. Rich Piccininni, Civil Engineer, was the project manager for this repair to the road and brought in GHD, one of the world's leading professional services companies with a focus on engineering and construction services. Rich and the contractor reviewed the depression and determined it was a sinkhole by using groud penetrating radar. They then began the process of safely filling it in so that it would not reform.

This process entailed using cementitious grout injections to seal any breaches in the limestone bedrock as well as reinforcing the surrounding area where weak zones in the soil above the bedrock existed due to internal erosion. These efforts not only solved the current sinkhole, but help prevent future developments from occurring in that area. The roadway is now reopened as if the sinkhole never occurred.

sinkholeSinkhole's largest size prior to being filled in by the Facilities Team. Rich Piccininni (FM) is pictured behind the sinkhole.


pats director elected to fpta board of directors

January 26, 2019 - The Florida Parking and Transportation Association (FPTA) is an organization that aims to provide a network of support for parking and transportation professionals and advocate for state and local legislation that will improve the industry. Recently, the Director of Parking and Transportation Services at USF, Raymond Mensah, was elected to serve on the FPTA Board of Directors. While serving as an active member of the association, Mensah was nominated to be on the Board of Directors, and, after members voted, was elected into his role as Director during the 2018 FTPA Annual Conference & Trade Show in December.

The FPTA was formerly known as the Florida Parking Association and only began including Transportation in 2016. While on the Board, Mensah hopes to incorporate more aspects of the transportation industry as well as increasing membership and ensuring Florida parking and transportation employees have the technology they need to complete their jobs properly.

Mensah has over 17 years of parking and transportation experience in both private and public sectors, holding management positions in each. The best part about working in PATS at USF, according to Mensah, is that you have the chance to impact everyone that comes on campus. Mensah is excited to represent USF on the FPTA Board and use his experience to improve the parking and transportation industry in Florida.

PATS director
Raymond Mensah, Director of Parking and Transportation Services and new member of Florida Parking and Transportation Association Board of Directors.





December 6, 2018 - USF Tampa is now home to the first Publix on a college campus. USF President Judy Genshaft, Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn, and a crowd anticipating fresh fried chicken and Pub Subs gathered outside of the new location to witness the long-awaited grand opening on the chilly morning of December 6th.

After the opening ceremony and ribbon-cutting, attendees, including Rocky D. Bull, toured the new publix and received complimentary reusable USF grocery bags. Along with the already pleasurable shopping experience Publix stores always provide, the on-campus location provides another level of convenience to staff and students. President Genshaft and her team work to provide students with an environment where they have all the resources to live and learn without having to worry about transportation. With the addition of Publix, students living at USF have more on-campus job opportunities and an easily accessible grocery store to shop at. This store also gives faculty, staff, and commuting students a convenient shopping location that will be on their route to and from USF. 

Photo of the on-campus publix enterance.

 President Genshaft speaks to a crowd outside the on-campus Publix during the ribbon cutting ceremony.


November 2, 2018 - Members of the Administrative Services Business Center (ASBC) participated in a volunteer event at the Tampa Bay Junior Achievement Center, whose main goal is to motivate students and provide the necessary resources and information for them to have a chance at a successful future. As technology continues to grow, the characteristics and skills employers look for when hiring are expanding as well. The Junior Achievement Center works to inform, prepare and excite students for the new opportunities and changes they will encounter in their future workplace. The event the ASBC participated in was called Junior Achievement (JA) BizTown and taught students financial skills they would need in the future through an interactive model.

JA Biz Town was set up as an actual town filled with a variety of businesses, all of which had local sponsors and were set up to look like their real buildings, including the logo. Students were assigned jobs ranging from Mayor, to TV reporter, to sales clerk. This town offered students the opportunity to practice financial tasks, such as depositing paychecks, paying bills, and sending invoices as well as other responsibilities associated with their assigned professions. The volunteers from the ASBC had a rewarding experience giving back to the youth of the community and will be returning to the center in January for another event.

Group photo of Administrative Services Business Center employees holding a sign that shows the Junior Achievement logo while volunteering at Biztown.

Members of the ASBC posing for a photo at Junior Achievement BizTown.


November 1, 2018 - The Hillsborough County Planning Commission announced the winners of their 36th Annual Planning and Design awards on October 25. This award program took place during National Community Planning Month (NCPM), which is used to emphasize the importance of planning in our community and feature excellent planning and design projects. Both USF President Judy Genshaft and the USF Student Memorial Project received awards this year.

The first award presented to USF was for the USF Student Memorial, which was thought of and funded by USF Student Government with the help of USF Facilities Management. This memorial stands as a tribute to students who have passed during their enrollment at USF or during time in military service. Student Government took part in the project from start to finish. The judges appreciated the students’ involvement and emotional attachment to the project, which won them an Award of Merit in the Investment, Entertainment, and Participation category. 

USF President Judy Genshaft’s ability to plan for growth and economic development has led to her winning the Executive Director’s Award. During her time as president, Genshaft has built USF up to be internationally and nationally recognized in every key institutional area. Through the $1.7 billion in construction projects Genshaft has overseen, she has worked to make wellness options more available and to enhance the student experience in many ways, such as the Share-A-Bull Bikes, improved student housing, the new USF Publix, trees for shade, and additional parking structures. Genshaft’s outstanding leadership and planning skills have been beneficial not only to USF, but to the next generation of students and the entire Tampa Bay community.

Photo of the student memorial at USF located on Crescent Hill Lawn.

USF’s Student Memorial located on Crescent Hill Lawn. Each year a ceremony is conducted to remember and honor the students we have lost.


October 11, 2018 - Jen Fleischman, USF Emergency Manager and Associate Director of the Department of Emergency Management, was deployed as part of the Florida Region 4/6 All Hazards Incident Management Team to North Carolina to assist in response operations to Hurricane Florence. The team assisted in Emergency Operations Center and logistics support, as well as tracking resources and teams. The area they were deployed to was impacted by severe flooding which essentially broke the County into four islands requiring air operations, swift water rescue teams, and the Army National Guard to assist.

4 Emergency Management professionals alongside an member of the army in front of an army helicopter.

Jen Fleischman (Middle) alongside members of the Florida team posing for a photo with a United States Army helicopter in North Carolina.


August 20, 2018 - The University of South Florida's Parking and Transportation Services Division (PATS) recently purchased two new Bull Runner buses as part of their strategic goal to replace the aging Bull Runner fleet. The purchase of these new buses enables PATS to retire two older buses that had increasing maintenance costs and down time. These new buses are expected to join the Bull Runner fleet's normal operation by September 2018.

Photo of one of the two new buses purchased by PATS taken outside the School of Music building.

One of the two new buses purchased by PATS taken outside the School of Music building.


August 8, 2018 - USF's Emergency Management department held a on-the-job training exercise on campus. As part of this exercise, the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) was activated and a Incident Command Post was established. The exercise was based off of the fictitious scenario of a gas tanker flipping over and catching on fire on the corner of USF Holly Drive and Sycamore Drive.

Historically, the Emergency Management department has participated in tabletop exercises for preparation of emergency situations. In a tabletop exercise, stakeholders meet and go over what they would do when an emergency situation was occurring, but it does not include the actual action of setting up resources and using related systems. For this exercise, Emergency Management wanted to provide a more realistic response scenario where stakeholders would be responsible for performing the actions they would normally only discuss in a tabletop exercise. This hands-on approach allowed essential personnel to test equipment, run through software program proficiency, and learn to troubleshoot issues as they come up in established processes. Emergency Management plans to continue these active exercises when possible as they provide more hands on training for employees who will be activated during an emergency situation.


June 27, 2018 - USF proudly hosted Times Higher Education's (THE) Young Universities Summit from June 5 to June 7. The annual summit brought together leaders from the world's best and most ambitious young research universities to discuss their institutions' success as knowledge creators and their impact on the wider higher education sector. USF was the first institution in the United States to ever host this summit. With 261 attendees and 88 universities represented, major preparations were made on campus.

For our grounds teams, preparations began about 30 days prior to the event, after leadership determined areas of improvement that should be addressed. These areas included the Marshall Student Center, Leroy Collins Boulevard, and the Patel Center for Global Solutions. The areas were chosen due to the proximity of where summit attendees would tour and visit during their time on campus.

After identifying these areas of concern, the grounds teams went to work. The next four weeks employees worked on a compressed schedule to complete the major projects presented to them. Over 5,000 plants, 3,000 sq. ft of sod, and 500 annual flowers were among some of the refreshments made throughout campus. Work continued throughout campus, up until the day before the summit, with the majority of work being completed by June 1st.

While the initial request was a grooming of the area, the event's importance created a need for a refresh of multiple areas on campus. Through hard work of the grounds teams, USF was ready to show off its beautiful campus to summit attendees.

Grounds employee trimming hedges outside large USF logo signage.

Groundskeepers trimmed numerous hedges around campus to make sure all foliage was well kept for THE Young Universities Summit.


June 25, 2018 - The Department of Homeland Security's Office of Academic Engagement recently released three exercise starter kits designed to help higher education institutions prepare for disasters as part of their Campus Resilience Program. These exercise kits include tabletop exercises for hurricanes, active shooter(s), and cyber threats that better prepare personnel for emergency situations that universities may face.

USF was chosen to be one of only four universities in the United States to participate in the testing of an exercise kit and was one of only two to test the hurricane starter kit. The training materials were used in one of the Department of Emergency Management's hurricane preparedness exercises . These exercises include specific scenarios for University decision makers to run through, as if they were facing the emergency at that time. By practicing the procedures and learning how to handle changing scenarios ahead of time, USF, and other universities, will be better prepared when or if these situations ever occur.

After running through the exercise with these starter kits, USF's team was able to provide valuable input on the strengths of the materials in the kit and where the kit could be improved. Some additions made due to the feedback provided by USF include a glossary and an After Action Report template. USF personnel also found areas for improvement with their own processes such as additional Health and Human Service components. With the kits now released to universities across the United States, USF's additions and feedback can be used as best practices for higher education institutions in the Department of Homeland Security's focus on preparedness and resiliency. You can learn more about these starter kits by visiting the Department of Homeland Security's website.


January 3, 2018 - The construction of USF’s on-campus Publix, a first of its kind for the grocery chain, is getting underway near the corner of Palm Dr. and Fletcher Ave., next to “The Village”.


Parking and Transportation Services along with Facilities Management are converting all parking garage lights and parking lot lights to longer lasting and more energy efficient LED lights. This is a multi-phase project, started in 2017, will reduce utility costs and improve safety. The project is being funded by the Student Green Energy Fund.


Facilities Management is installing push button emergency door lock systems to enable occupants to quickly and easily lockdown the room during emergency situations. When activated, room occupants will be able to exit the space, but the doors will be locked from the outside. In 2017 emergency door lock buttons were installed in the 20 largest classrooms campus, Facilities Management will continue installing the systems in classroom across campus as part of a multi-phase plan. Read FAQs about the emergency door lock buttons.