Benefits of Employment

Aside from the benefits specific to working at the University of South Florida Police Department, you will be eligible for the benefits enjoyed by all USF employees. To view a full list of benefits, please visit USF Human Resource Benefits. Here are a sample of some of the benefits you may be eligible for:

In addition to the benefits listed above, law enforcement officers also receive the following benefits:

  • Law Enforcement Incentive Pay: Upon being certified by the Florida Criminal Justice Standards Commission, officers become eligible for additional monthly compensation based upon completed higher education and/or career development courses.
  • Uniform Maintenance Allowance: Provides an additional annual stipend for shoes and uniform cleaning.
  • Issued Equipment:  All duty uniforms and equipment will be supplied, with the exception of footwear.
  • Take-Home-Vehicle Program: Upon completion of an initial contract period, officers may become eligible to participate in the Take-Home-Vehicle Program.
  • Other Benefits: Public Safety Officers Benefits Act provides a $150,000 life insurance policy. Special Risk Retirement allows officers to retire after 30 years of continuous creditable service regardless of age. The State of Florida provides a $50,000 Death/Disability policy. Workers' Compensation Program available for work-related injury.