Lip Sync to the Rescue

Update:  The Lip Sync to the Rescue live show will air on CBS on Monday, September 9 at 8 p.m. ET. Spread the word and in the mean time...VOTE, VOTE, VOTE. 

USF Police Department’s Lip Sync Video has been chosen by CBS producers as one of the top in the nation. USF Police is the only police department in Florida selected to participate in the voting phase of this national lip sync challenge.  

Fans can go to this link: to vote for their favorite.  Vote as much and as often as you want. 

Official Notification:

Congratulations, the producers of CBS’s LIP SYNC TO THE RESCUE have chosen your department’s Lip Sync Challenge video to be included in the voting phase of the Special.

Fans can go to this link: Lip Sync to the Rescue, to vote for their favorites. The top vote getters will be featured in the CBS special hosted by Cedric The Entertainer.

LIP SYNC TO THE RESCUE will be filming in Los Angeles this summer.

In the meantime, share the link on social media and be sure to get the word out to your community. Also follow our show @LipSyncRescue on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates.

We are so excited about this show and want to celebrate the #LipSyncChallenge that took the country by storm and honor our first responders through this medium. 

Thank You!

Lip Sync to the Rescue

Clearance TeamLip Sync to the Rescue