Frequently Asked Questions

1. If I call 911, will the USF Police Department get notified?

USF Police Department(USFPD) is a part of the Hillsborough County 911 system. All landlines at USF can access the system by dialing 911 or even 9-911. Where USF Police Department is the primary answer point for all landline calls originating on campus, the system is designed to be answered by any 911 answer point in Hillsborough County. The 911 system operates the same way on campus as it does off campus. Dialing 911 from a cell phone on campus does the same thing as a landline but because it is cellular, these calls will be routed through the first available cellular tower for the quickest response. The cell tower routes the call to the 911 system not necessarily the USFPD answer point. USFPD will be notified via direct ring down or transfer from the answering agency as soon as possible with regards to the nature of the emergency to either handle or assist with the response. The important thing to remember is to activate the emergency system(911) whether you are on campus or off via landline or cell phone in an emergency situation not to wonder which agency is answering that call.

  • Regardless of which agency answers the call, stay on the line with the operator and answer their questions to the best of your ability.
  • Know where you are on campus. This is different from your on campus mailing address. Students, Staff and Faculty are encouraged to write down the addresses of each building they take classes in and work in so in an emergency they can quickly provide that address to the 911 operator.

2. How do I report a crime if it's not an emergency?

Non emergent crimes can be reported by calling the USFPD directly at 813-974-2628 or 4-2628 from an on campus landline.

3. What areas are considered trespassing by the public on US Tampa Campus?

University of South Florida Regulation 4.0140 designates the University of South Florida Police to provide for the safety and security of individual institutions and campuses as it relates to the application and enforcement of "No Trespassing Orders" (NTO), pursuant to Florida State Statutes 810.08 and 810.09. University and/or Non-University persons who, in the opinion of University officials, are violating or have violated the law, USF regulations or policies; are not using University facilities in an appropriate manner; or who are creating an atmosphere not conducive to the use of such facilities by other University persons or authorized guests, may be directed to leave the property by a University official or may be immediately reported to University of South Florida Police. In the event the person does not leave as requested, the University of South Florida Police may provide an official warning and/or issue a NTO. Further refusal to leave the area or facility could result in physical arrest for a violation of Florida's trespassing laws.

Any University person who receives an NTO to leave, vacate or stay away from USF property or offices (except those students who are issued a NTO as a sanction under the Student Code of Conduct (SCC) as provided in existing USF Regulation USF6.0021, may request an "Initial Trespass Review" for the reconsideration, modification, and/or revocation of the NTO. The request must be in writing to the appropriate University of South Florida Police representative (by e-mail or U.S. Mail) within ten (10) days of the date on the NTO or at such time as the person has changed his or her status with regard to being a University person (i.e. admission or employment by USF). However, persons who were students at the time that they received the notice or warning to leave or vacate USF property shall direct Trespass Review requests to the Chief Student Affairs officer.

Any Non-University person who receives an NTO may request a General Trespass Review only after a 12-month period from the date the NTO was issued.

4. What is the USF Police Department's jurisdiction?

As defined in Florida State Statute 1012.97 the University of South Florida Police are declared to be law enforcement officers of the state and have the authority to enforce all state of Florida criminal and traffic laws, including applicable county or city ordinances, when violations occur on or within 1,000 feet of any property or facilities that are under the guidance, supervision, regulation, or control of the state university, or when such violations occur within a specified jurisdictional area as agreed upon in a mutual aid agreement entered into with another law enforcement agency. Persons taken into physical custody by University of South Florida Police officers are delivered into the custody of personnel at the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Central Booking Facilities.

5. How many Police Officers does USF have?

The USF Police Department holds positions for 52 state certified sworn police officers. These officers provide a full range of police services to include: routine patrol of the campus and residential areas, traffic law enforcement, accident investigation, criminal investigations, dignitary protection and crowd control at special events.

6. What are the hours of operation?

The University of South Florida Police provide a full range of public safety services to the community 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Administrative and Records staff hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday thru Friday.