Edelyn & Bryanna

The Center for Justice Research & Policy (CJRP) at the University of South Florida (USF) hosts an interdisciplinary team of scholars and practitioners focused on the study of crime, violence, and criminal and social justice policy. It is the first of its kind in Florida, recently approved by the Board of Governors as a state-level center. The CJRP's goal is to apply rigorous research and evaluations to enhance the evidence base of policing, corrections, and court practices.

Evidence-based policy change and action can improve the justice system. Our comprehensive approach at the CJRP emphasizes collaborations across multiple fields, and between scientists and practitioners, to ensure that innovative strategies are developed tested and implemented, to help reduce crime and incarceration, promote safe communities and equitable justice, as well as improve outcomes for persons at risk of being involved in the justice system.

At the CJRP, we believe rigorous and objective research methods should be used to gather a strong and sound evidence-base on criminal justice practices, policies, and public beliefs. We also aim to use this work to develop and implement practices and policies that reflect the findings of our high quality research and findings.