CJRP group

The Center for Justice Research & Policy (CJRP) pursues several missions across research, training, teaching, public service, and community outreach.

Public Service

CJRP's directors and leadership team members have established relationships with various partners in law enforcement, government, courts, social justice programs, and mental health and medicine in Tampa Bay. This broader network can be enhanced further through the centralization of our efforts. We recently consulted with policymakers in Tallahassee who are eager to use our research to guide the formation of criminal justice policy. CJRP lays the groundwork for moving beyond academic silos and science-public communication gaps to allow for innovative ideas that produce practical results.


Our directors, Dr. Edelyn Verona and Dr. Bryanna Fox, have been awarded a five-year, $1.2 million grant from the National Institute of Justice to implement and evaluate reentry services for jail inmates in Pasco County, Florida.

We will receive private funding from all Tampa Bay major league sports teams: the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Rays, the Rowdies, and the Lightning. This funding will support projects like implementing and evaluating policing reforms in the city of Tampa. These resources advance CJRP’s initiatives related to innovating practices in corrections and policing.


Edelyn presenting

CJRP also advances USF’s emphasis on student learning. Undergraduate and graduate students from different majors are given direct opportunities to work on interdisciplinary projects and participate in effective translational research, which serve as models for their future work as scholars or practitioners in the community. We provide opportunities for students to conduct community-engaged research, collect original data, and intern at local agencies. Over two dozen undergraduate and graduate students across two USF colleges work with our directors on on-going projects. Many more students across the university work with members of our leadership team on research and evaluations.


Beyond enhancing the research and teaching missions of USF, CJRP will serve as the major training and knowledge hub in Tampa Bay focused on the areas of social and criminal justice. Our members will provide consultation to agencies, practitioners, and other scientists and be available for collaborations and contracts. We'll also host speaking engagements and other public events meant to educate and engage the public on pressing issues and how current events reflect problems or possible solutions in criminal justice.

Community Outreach

CJRP will offer annual training events to community partners on topics including policing and bail reform, crisis intervention, drug treatment, court services, risk assessment, re-entry planning, drug market and violent crime interventions, public opinion. Through these efforts, we'll play a critical role in promoting the use of sound and evidence-based practices and developing policy based on the latest research and sound social consensus.


Dr. Verona and Dr. Fox recording a podcast with the Activist Lab, led by Dr. Karen Liller.