Lab Photos

American Society of Criminology Annual Meetings

Bailey and Alora at ASC

The Office Experience - 2021

ASC 2021

Lab members on a Gangsters & Ghosts tour of Chicago - 2021

ASC Conference Photo

Graduate Students - 2021

ASC 2019 Group Photo

Day trip to Alcatraz Island - 2019


CJRP takes ASC by storm - 2019

ASC 2019 Dinner

Out to dinner with Dr. Verona - 2019

Society for the Study of Psychopathy (SSSP) - 8th Biennial Meeting 2019 - Las Vegas, Nevada

Lauren Presentation

Lauren presents on inhibitory control in psychopathy

Meeting Dr. Hare

Meeting Dr. Robert Hare!

Vegas Conference Group Photo


Vegas Conference Outing


Vegas Conference

Out in Vegas with Dr. Verona


Hanging with some interesting characters

Society for Research in Psychopathology (SRP) - 59th Annual Meeting 2019 - Buffalo, New York

Lab Photo at Waterfall

Visit to the top...

Dr. Verona and Lauren Fournier

...and the bottom...

Lauren and Julia

...of Niagara Falls

International Society for Research on Aggression (ISRA) - 23rd Biennial Meeting 2018 - Paris, France

ISRA Conference


ISRA Conference Poster


ISRA Conference Outing


ISRA Conference Dinner


ISRA Conference Photo


ISRA Conference Group Photo


Lab Fun

CJRP Lab Party


Lab Fun Photo


Lab Photo


Lab Photo


Funny Lab Photo




Lab Photo


Lab Members


We Wear Orange Photo