Systemic Transformation of Education through Evidence-Based Reforms (STEER)

The NSF STEER grant Systemic Transformation of Education through Evidence-Based Reforms (STEER) is wrapping up a seven year quest to improve STEM teaching at USF. The STEER project advocates for a culture transformation that places a greater value on teaching and provides support for faculty members to develop research-based strategies for their courses.

Visit the STEER website to explore the many programs and resources developed to improve student learning, leading to increased retention, graduation, and career pathways for all STEM students

Working to Eradicate Racism in Science and Engineering (WeRise)

The NSF grant Working to Eradicate Racism in Science and Engineering (WeRise) is about developing and implementing a suite of integrated, interdisciplinary, community-engaged, Anti-Racism training opportunities for civil and environmental engineering undergraduates at the University of South Florida and University of California Berkeley to build capacity for solving complex and interconnected challenges of our time. 

The team includes Faculty from Civil and Environmental engineering, Educational and Psychological Studies, Anthropology, and the Institute on Black Life, at the University of South Florida (USF) and the University of California, Berkeley (UCB) will collaborate with local community partners in the Tampa Bay and San Francisco Bay regions

Visit the WeRise website to learn more about the work they have accomplished.

Cybersecurity Training of Florida State and Local Government Employees

A partnership with the CyberSecureFlorida Training Initiative to provide state-funded cybersecurity training for all Florida public sector employees. The USF grant team will develop five courses for the project: two technical courses for IT/cyber professionals, one for executive leadership, one for managers, and a general awareness course. 

The courses are FREE to any Florida-based public sector employee, including state, county, and municipal employees, elected officials, law enforcement personnel, public school teachers, and public college and university employees. Upon successful course completion, participants earn a digital badge and certificate, issued by the University of South Florida. 

Modernization of Digital Information Technology

A CyberPathways grant, funded by FL Department of Education, Modernization of Digital Information Technology is a project set to modernize the Digital Information Technology (DIT) curriculum for secondary school students in Florida. The focus of this project is to provide freely available and accessible resources to teachers and students throughout the Florida public school system. The effort involved the collaboration of staff and faculty from the University of South Florida, Hillsborough and Pinellas County public schools, and industry subject matter experts.

The resources can be accessed through the USF Digital Commons platform and include:

  • Fundamental of Information Technology textbook – English and Spanish Versions.
  • Canvas Course – includes teacher lesson plans, slide decks, and student activities.
  • A uniquely illustrated comic book designed for getting all populations of student literacy interested in digital technology topics.

Fostering a Sense of Belonging

Curriculum consultation and design for the USF sponsored Canvas course for employee professional development. A three module course will be developed in collaboration with the USF Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning, to promote an increase in faculty and students’ connectedness in the classroom and around campus.