Faculty & Staff

Matt Reichel

Assistant Professor of Instruction


Office: PRW 234



Matt Reichel is an assistant professor of instruction in the Department of Journalism and Digital Communication at the University of South Florida (USF), with a teaching emphasis in journalism practice, writing for media and media ethics. Meanwhile, his research focuses on how social movements (especially teachers’ movements) interface with digital communication technologies, privacy concerns in the digital age, and the ethics of digital communication platforms. His supporting interests include alternative journalism, revolutionary theory, autonomist Marxism and radical pedagogy. Prior to commencing his work at USF, Reichel obtained his PhD at Rutgers University in New Jersey and worked as a freelance writer and journalist for several reputable online publications, including Alternet and Counterpunch.


Reichel's research currently focuses on developing the theoretical foundations for explaining the emergence of teachers’ movements in recent years, specifically the role of discourse and pedagogy in realizing radical breaks in social consciousness and structure, and how the interaction between ideas, discourse and social structure have been disrupted by the concomitant forces of digitization and the ongoing crisis of neoliberal hegemony.