Matthew Schuler

Visiting Assistant Professor of Instruction


Office: FAO 290


Dr. Matt Schuler received his Ph.D. from the University of Arizona in 2019. His research interests lie primarily in the philosophy of mind: recently, his focus has been on the field's intersection with the epistemology of modality, given that the success of many arguments in the philosophy of mind hinges upon the success of the inference from conceivability to possibility. He is also currently devoting time to teasing out the philosophical relevance of recent developments in neuroprosthesis – and how this work may have some bearing on the future possibility of deep, genuine artificial intelligence. He has additional interests both in the philosophy of science and in bioethics. As a teacher, he is passionate about incorporating cutting-edge developments in educational technology into his own pedagogy. Predictably, he is easily excited by teaching courses in any area of philosophy; more surprising is the fact that – in spite of not being a logician by trade – he derives a peculiar degree of (often ecstatic) satisfaction from teaching Symbolic Logic, of all things. In his spare time (such as it is), he enjoys writing and recording music as a one-man band called The Soft Focus.