Ofelia Schutte

Professor Emerita




Ph.D. in philosophy, Yale University, 1978. Born in Cuba and formerly a full professor of philosophy at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Professor Schutte joined the USF faculty in 1999. After five years as chair of Women's Studies, Professor Schutte formally joined the Philosophy Department in 2004. Her research interests include Nietzsche, recent continental philosophy (particularly as it intersects with feminist theory and philosophy of culture), Latin American philosophy and postcolonial thought, and feminism (particularly feminist ethics and Latin American feminisms). Her current research projects on Cuba include the aesthetics of fiction by recent Cuban women writers in the island and the socio-political thought of the 19th-century Cuban writer and anti-colonialist political leader José Martí. Important publications include Beyond Nihilism: Nietzsche without Masks (1984), Cultural Identity and Social Liberation in Latin American Thought (1993), “Cultural Alterity: Cross-Cultural Communication and Feminist Thought in North-South Dialogue“ first published in Hypatia (1998), “Willing Backwards: Nietzsche on Time, Pain, Joy, and Memory,” in Nietzsche and Depth Psychology, ed. J. Golomb et al (1999), “Continental Philosophy and Postcolonial Subjects,” Philosophy Today 44 (SPEP Supplement 2000), “Negotiating Latina Identities,” in Hispanics/Latinos in the United States, ed. J. J. E. Gracia and P. De Greif (2000), “Dependency Work, Women, and the Global Economy,” in The Subject of Care, ed. E. F. Kittay and E. K. Feder (2002), and the “Symposium on Ofelia Schutte” featured in Hypatia 19:3 (2004). She wrote “Postcolonial Feminisms: Genealogies and Recent Directions“ for the Blackwell Guide to Feminist Philosophy , ed. L. M. Alcoff and E. F. Kittay (2007) and is currently completing work on Latin American feminist philosophy. Professor Schutte is on the editorial board of Teaching Philosophy and on the advisory boards of the feminist journals Hypatia (U.S.) and Mora (Argentina). She also serves on the Board of Advisors of the Nietzsche Circle (New York).