Richard Manning

Associate Professor


Office: FAO 247A


J.D. Northwestern, 1985; Ph.D. Northwestern, 1992. Joined the USF Department in 2007. Prior to this he taught at Carleton University and Ohio University, and has held visiting positions at the University of Victoria, Georgetown University , The Johns Hopkins University and the University of Oregon. His research is centered around an interest in the relation between norms, especially epistemic norms, and the natural; this interest has led to publications on a wide range of figures and topics, including Spinoza, Kant, Davidson, McDowell, Rorty, epistemology, philosophy of language, philosophy of biology and aesthetics. This work has appeared in such publications as The British Journal for Philosophy of Science, The Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Inquiry, The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, and The Cambridge Companion to Rationalism. Manning is currently working on a typescript tentatively entitled "The Ontology of Interpretation", which presents and defends an interpretivist account of meaning in the context of a direct realist account of the contents of perceptual experience and judgment, and on a paper assessing the prospects for a naturalstic account of normativity based in the idea of biological function. Professor Manning has been a member of the College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Council for the last three years, and its chair for the 2010-2011 Academic year.