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Joseph Veach Noble Collection

Joseph Veach Noble Collection

The Tampa Museum of Art has a remarkable collection of antiquities which has never been fully published. The Joseph Veach Noble Collection, acquired by the Museum in 1986, received an exhibition catalogue, but numerically speaking it constitutes only about one-fourth of the entire collection. Some objects have been included in exhibition catalogues, few are currently on the TMA website, But many of them have never been published as part of the Tampa collection.

Urn from the Joseph Veach Noble Collection

IDEx teams has undertaken the virtualization of the collection using 3D Scanning and Digital Photogrammetry. The ultimate goal of this research will be to boost the digital accessibility of the Tampa Museum of Art and to share online its remarkable archaeological collection with the global public. The research project is co-supervised by Dr Seth Pevnick, Chief Curator and Richard E. Perry Curator of Greek and Roman Art at the Tampa Museum of Art.

man photographing large urn


man photographing stauette


man scanning artifact


equipment set up by artifact


laptop displaying artifact photo


laptop displaying artifact photo


man photographing artifact on cart


man photographing artifact


laptop set up beside artifact


student photographing artifact


urn set up in lightbox for photo


hand holding statuette of man



Red-Figure Volute Krater

Attributed to the Painter of Taranto 7013 South Italian, Apulian, ca. 330–320 BC Ceramic; H. 31” Tampa Museum of Art, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. William Knight Zewadski 1986.225

With a shrine to the deceased painted on one side and a grave stele on the other, this large and ornate vase was clearly created—like so many Apulian volute kraters—for use as a local tomb offering. Within the shrine sit two warriors; each holds a spear, while a shield rests between them and a helmet hangs from the ceiling. Depicted in white paint like the shrine itself, these figures may represent marble statues of the deceased. On either side of the shrine are two mourners bearing offerings.

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