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Responsive Librarianship

The USF iSchool Responsive Librarianship Lab (RLL) is the umbrella program for the delivery of bibliotherapy services to the USF community. It is part of the USF School of Information's library (LIBR & INFO SCI) and can be found on WorldCat.       

What we do

Researchers at the RLL address key challenges at the intersection of people, information, and technology in multidisciplinary ways with a vision that drives our research to impact the everyday lives of our community. Using evidence-based methodologies grounded in the Social Sciences and computational tools from the Digital Humanities, researchers at the RLL have created a unique, four-track text-based therapy scheme that provides real results for library users.  

Where we are

The Henrietta Smith Library serves as the hub for all of the RLL's research initiatives and is part of the USF School of Information's library (LIBR & INFO SCI), an information center dedicated to research and the education of the school's Library and Information Science (LIS) students. You can find the library's information on WorldCat.

The library is open to the public Monday through Friday 9:30 am to 4:00 pm during regular university operating hours. We are located in the School of Information, CIS building, room 2018 (CIS 2018).