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Academic and Teaching Resources

The following resources are available to all USF College of The Arts (CoTA) faculty for developing courses and curriculum for the School of Architecture & Community Design, the School of Art & Art History, the School of Music, and the School of Theatre & Dance.

Faculty Toolkit for Instructional Continuity

Faculty Resources

Undergraduate Resources

The links in this section will help you find information to plan your undergraduate courses and degree curricula. The provided undergraduate resources can also help you give answers to your students' academic questions.

Graduate Resources

These resources provide information about the graduate degree programs at the graduate, specialist and doctoral levels. Through a series of extensive programs, USF maintains a positive teaching and learning environment created to engage students and enhance all aspects of the experience as a student.

Graduate Forms and Processes

The forms and curriculum processes for graduate students provided by the Office of Graduate Studies are helpful resources to gain insight on USF's Graduate Programs and our Graduate Council.

USF Calendar and Learning Services

The University of South Florida is committed to providing a globally-competitive undergraduate and graduate experience for its students. Navigate through the additional academic resources provided to give insight on our academic services, programs, and calendar.

CoTA Services and Program Information

Browse through the additional academic resources provided to learn more about our photocopy & copyright policy and accreditation.

Copyright Resources

USF provides a number of documentation and resources pertaining to the use of copyright materials. It will not supply legal advice and is not intended to replace the advice of USF General Counsel.