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School of Architecture & Community Design

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M.UCD. Core Curriculum

The curriculum for the Master of Urban and Community Design (M.UCD.) is intended to be completed in one full calendar year Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. Each semester includes a design studio and up to three lecture courses, totaling 15 credit hours (The length of time to complete all degree requirements depends on individual course load during each semester of enrollment).

45 Total Credit Hours Minimum

Core Requirements (33 credit hours minimum)

Course Credits
ARC 6373 Community Design Studio 6
ARC 5366 Urban Design Studio A & B/Advanced Design C 6
ARC 6930 Master's Studio 6
History and Theory
Course Credits
ARC 6398 Introduction to Urban and Community Design 3
ARC 6930 The City 3
Course Credits
ARC 6414 The Real Estate Development Process 3
ARC 6930 Site/Context Analysis 3
Course Credits
ARC 6930 Global Urbanism NOW! 3

Electives (12 credit hours minimum)

Pick any 4 to meet the required minimum
Course Credits
ARC 6930 Reading and Representing the City 3
ARC 6930 Urban Resiliency 3
ARC 6930 Urban Design Seminar 3
ARC 6930 Design Research 3
ARC 6930 Urban Design Tools and Strategies 3
ARC 6930 Art of Placemaking 3
ARC 6372 Streets and Blocks 3
ARC 6930 Sustainable Neighborhood/Community Design 3
ARC 6930 Landscape Urbanism 3
ARC 6930 Urban Form Continuum 3
ARC 5931 Independent Study 3


The Master of Urban and Community Design program welcomes students holding a professional degree in architecture or landscape architecture (Bachelor of Architecture, Master of Architecture, Bachelor of Landscape Architecture and Master of Landscape Architecture). Other academic backgrounds will be considered.

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