University of South Florida

School of Architecture & Community Design

USF College of The Arts

Student Experience

Love what you do and make your dreams come true.

College is an exciting time of growth and possibilities. Within the USF School of Architecture & Community Design and the College of The Arts, you will find a close-knit community that nurtures your passion for architecture and design. Beyond the school, discover a diverse USF community with whom to share your ideas and experiences. Your time here at USF will broaden your mind and enrich your creativity.

As a student at a top public research university in Florida, you will have access to extensive resources to investigate and explore. Advance your understanding of the built environment as it relates to society and culture through research. Dedicated faculty will guide you through the process using their knowledge and expertise.

Frequent cultural events and school activities also provide ample opportunity to connect with peers and learn something new. Attend a musical or play and delight in the talents of fellow USF students.

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