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Printing Resources

In addition to the Studio and Lab Resources available to School of Architecture & Community Design students, USF offers technology support and resources outside of SACD. The following recommendations and resources will help students make the most out of their learning experience at SACD.

Printing Resources for SACD Students

USF School of Architecture & Community Design students have access to an array of printing resources. Below please find information on free plotters, printing costs and printing locations.

*HMS refers to the HMS-Architecture building, where the school is located.

Free printing

  • "HMS 106 Printer" (Print Color/BW 8.5" x 11")o Computer Lab – HMS 106
    • Computer Lab – HMS 106
  • "HMS 106 Copier" (Print, Copy, Scan Photo Color/BW 8.5" x 11" and 11" x 17")
    • o Computer Lab – HMS 106
  • Studio Plotters – located throughout the design studios on the 3rd and 4th floors. Good quality "heavy" paper for printing is available at no charge and very high quality "satin" paper is available for a minimal fee.

Bull Buck$ printing

USF students are given $2.50 per day to be used for printing on campus. This $2.50 can be applied to any of the printers/plotters in the HMS-Architecture building. Any amount over $2.50 daily can be printed using Bull Buck$. Please verify any printing charges before releasing the print job on card swipe stations. Reload Bull Buck$ by visiting the USF Bull Buck$ website.

  • "Photo Plotter – Heavy Paper" = $1 per foot
    • Computer Lab – HMS 106
    • Studio 2 – HMS 331
    • Studio 9 – HMS 434
  • "Photo Plotter – Satin Paper" = $3 per foot
    • Studio 3 – HMS 332

Laptop Printing

SACD students may install available HMS printers and plotters on their laptops by visiting the HMS-Architecture Computer Lab and using provided USB flash drives. Doing so enables students to print from their personal laptops.

Soon students will be able to install available printers and plotters on laptops by visiting the Printer Installation Packages webpage.


  • Are there file size limits?
    • No, but please be mindful of other students' printing needs.
  • Can students print from Macintosh computers?
    • No. Please review the laptop recommendations. Students who dual-boot Windows on a Mac using BootCamp or Virtual Machine software can print from the Windows OS.
  • How long are files available for print after sending it to a print queue?
    • Five hours
  • Who do I contact if I have a problem when printing?
    • During normal business hours, visit the Computer Lab in HMS 106 for support and troubleshooting. After business hours, please contact the USF Service Desk at (813) 974-1222.

USF Print Shop

USF and RICOH have partnered to offer students and faculty a full range of business services to assist with everyday needs. The USF Print Shop (located at the Marshall Student Center) can produce copies, prints, professional binding and finishing. In addition, they can help with the printing of posters, signs, banners, postcards, business cards, program booklets, brochures, and traditional-sized photos. For a full listing of services and pricing, visit the Printing on Campus webpage.

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