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Student Wellbeing

College is a time of significant change and growth. The University of South Florida and the College of The Arts are committed to supporting your academic and personal success.

We strive to cultivate a culture of care and respect for all persons, and to provide a compassionate and inclusive environment for our students. Be your best self at USF and have a fulfilling and successful college experience.

Meeting the demands of both school and personal life can be challenging. You are not alone. The university offers a variety of resources focused on your wellbeing and development. They can help you manage and cope with the stresses of change.

The following departments help protect and ensure the safety of the USF community:

  • Emergency & Safety Management organizes emergency and disaster response. They also provide emergency notifications and safety communications. Click to view the USF Safety Guide.
  • SAFE Team helps students travel from one campus location to another via escort, every day from 6:30 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. (813) 974-8361
  • University Police patrol the USF campus and surrounding areas 24/7.