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Arts Activity Cards

Activity Cards allow College of The Arts majors to attend college-sponsored events, including concerts, dance performances, and plays free of charge or at discounted rates. To qualify for the activity card, students must be registered majors in any of the disciplines in one of CoTA's schools: Architecture & Community Design; Art & Art History; Music; or Theatre & Dance. See the Arts Calendar of Events for a full list of upcoming college-sponsored events.

Visit the Office of Student Services and Advising in FAH 120 to request your Activity Card. Cards are issued after the first week of classes (Drop/Add week). To obtain CoTA event tickets, present your Activity Card at the CoTA Box Office.


Permits & Forms

A number of classes require an approved permit before you are able to register. These are processed through your advisor before the semester begins. Each advisor has their own procedures, so be sure to request your permit properly. Some of these forms are also found in the advising office.


Class Schedule Search

The Class Schedule Search lists all classes for each semester. This tool lets you view open classes through a variety of search options. The list also provides CRN numbers that you will need when registering for classes on OASIS.


Academic Policies & Procedures

The official university Academic Policies & Procedures is a collection of information students need as they study at USF. This includes material on the grading scale and applying for graduation. These links listed include processes that the advising office oversees.


Apply for Graduation

Once you have reached your last semester of coursework, you can apply for graduation. Apply online through the Apply to Graduate tab in OASIS. Contact your advisor for specific graduation requirements. Once accepted for graduation, you may register for commencement. Aside from USF's commencement, the College of The Arts puts on a Graduation Celebration every spring. All schools and graduates are represented and recognized for their achievements.