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Success Stories

By providing hands-on education, real-world practice, and mentoring, the USF College of The Arts offers students the opportunities they need to grow in their professions and pursue their passions. The stories above highlight the experiences and accomplishments of many students and alumni to help inspire you to take the next step in your own success story.

Academic & Research Programs

Love of design meets love of constructing at the University of South Florida’s School of Architecture & Community Design. Transform your vision into tangible designs. Explore and enhance your creativity with a supportive community. Through a thriving design culture and strong work ethic, students emerge from our programs with the skills, education, and experience to launch their careers.

USF School of Architecture & Community Design

Where creativity becomes your career

Always Something to Experience

The Arts at USF produces over 250 events each year, including concerts, performances, exhibitions, talks, conferences, masterclasses, and festivals — all open to students and the Tampa Bay community. Plan your next visit to experience the talent of our student and faculty productions, and enjoy work, discourse and public art by leading international artists and scholars.