Undergraduate Study: Pre-Architecture

While the USF School of Architecture & Community Design (SACD) only offers graduate degrees, undergraduate students may, in some circumstances, enroll in the Master of Architecture program before earning a bachelor's degree. The Pre-Architecture curriculum is designed to prepare undergraduate students with the foundation necessary for graduate-level architecture study and research work.

Note: SACD does not award bachelor's degrees. Rather, students electing this course of study will hold "undergraduate" status for their first 120 college credit hours and "graduate" status for the remaining credit hour requirement to complete the master's degree program. The tuition for graduate-level courses remains the same regardless of student status.

For incoming non-degree-holding students, the school's professional program involves a minimum of 165 credit hours of undergraduate and graduate work, leading to the Master of Architecture degree. Once again, no bachelor's degree is awarded. Before entering the graduate program, students are to complete a minimum of 60 credit hours of general education and prerequisite courses at the University of South Florida or other college/university. Having completed these requirements, students will complete the school's 108 credit-hour Master of Architecture program. In recognition of students' various personal and economic needs, the school has designed three different 108 credit-hour tracks: an eight-semester track, a 10-semester track, and an 11-semester track.

Prerequisites for the Master of Architecture degree to be completed during the Pre-Architecture program

The minimum 60 credit hours required for admission to SACD must include:

In addition, students who do not have an associate degree in architecture must also complete the following:

*Examples include: Architectural Freehand Drawing Methods (ARC 2112L), Concepts and Practices I (ART 2101C), Concepts and Practices II (ART 2203C), Beginning Painting (ART 2500C), Beginning Drawing (ART 2301C), Beginning Painting (ART 2400C), Beginning Sculpture (ART 2701C).