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The USF School of Architecture & Community Design's curriculum prepares its graduates for a full range of professional activities. The Master of Architecture degree (M. Arch.) is fully accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). The school's course of study emphasizes urban architecture and related topics to take advantage of its diverse metropolitan setting in Florida's Tampa Bay region. Its sequence of design studios provides an integrating element in a curriculum offering a broad mix of history, theory, technology, and professional practice along with an array of elective courses.

For students with a non-architectural degree:

The Master of Architecture degree normally requires 108 credit hours of coursework for students with bachelor's degrees in non-architectural fields. Pending review of transcripts and portfolios, students having undergraduate degrees in related fields may receive waivers for some required courses for which a grade of B or better was earned. In order to complete the program in a timely manner, students must complete 15-17 credit hours per semester. In recognition of students' various personal and economic needs, the school has designed three different 108 credit-hour tracks: an eight-semester track, a 10-semester track, and an 11-semester track.

For students with an associate's degree in architecture:

Students having an associate's degree in architecture must complete a minimum of 96 credit hours in the school's Master of Architecture degree program. Holders of the associate's degree in architecture will normally receive a waiver of 12 credit hours for their previous design studio experience, reducing the normal 108 credit-hour M. Arch. degree requirement to 96 credit hours. Further, these students may receive course waivers for the following architecture courses in which a grade of B or higher was earned: Design Theory, History I, History II, and Structures I. However, pending the review of each applicant's transcript and portfolio, these credit hour and course waivers may not be granted.

For students with a pre-professional degree in architecture:

Students having a four-year pre-professional degree in architecture may, pending review of their transcripts and portfolios, receive up to 54 credit hours of course waivers toward the 108 credit-hour curriculum, leaving 55 credit hours for completion of the Master of Architecture degree. These credit hour waivers will only be considered for previous completion of certain similar courses in which a grade of B or better was earned. However, pending this transcript and portfolio review, the school may require the admitted student to take additional required or elective courses beyond the indicated 54 credit-hour minimum.

Please email Architecture Advising if you have with any questions.
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