Architecture Program

At the University of South Florida's School of Architecture & Community Design (SACD), our aim is to provide graduate-level education to prepare professionals who will be recognized for their design excellence in enhancing the quality of the built environment as it relates to society and culture. With guidance by our faculty, students enrolled in the USF Architecture Program conduct scholarly research and creative activity that contributes to theory and practice in the disciplines of architecture and urbanism, and explore emerging technologies that advance the contemporary state of critical practice relevant to the community.

Program Overview

SACD offers a 2+4 Master of Architecture (M. Arch.) program. A two-year undergraduate architecture program, coupled with general education coursework, is followed by a rigorous four-year comprehensive architecture education. Acceptance to the four-year graduate program is competitive with only 45 students selected annually.

There are several tracks for completing the SACD architecture curriculum depending on a student's education level at the time of application.

Note: SACD does not award bachelor's degrees. Rather, students electing this course of study will hold "undergraduate" status for their first 120 college credit hours and "graduate" status for the remaining credit hour requirement to complete the master's degree program. The tuition for graduate-level courses remains the same regardless of student status.

Before entering the four-year architecture graduate program, students complete a minimum of 60 credit hours of general education and prerequisite courses at the University of South Florida or another college/university (the "2" of the 2+4). Having completed these requirements, students will complete the school's 108 credit-hour Master of Architecture program (the "4" of the 2+4). More information regarding these requirements and coursework can be found on the Undergraduate Pre-Architecture page.

Students coming from other universities seeking to apply into the graduate program need to apply both to the University of South Florida as a whole and to the School of Architecture & Community Design specifically. For more information regarding the various curriculum tracks offered to incoming graduate students, please see the Master of Architecture page.


We are happy to help with any questions you may have! Please contact the school's academic advisor, Sophia Peerzada, at (813) 974-1216 or via Prospective students can also make an appointment to meet in person.