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Paul Reller

Associate Professor of Composition, Director of SYCOM

Phone: (813) 974-2387


Paul Reller has been a part of USF’s Composition Department since 1990. Here he serves as Director of USF's SYCOM (Systems Complex for the Recording and Performing Arts) Electronic Music Studio, teaches electronic music, acoustic composition, and the History of Blues and Rock Music. Reller helped start the Bonk Festival of New Music, and his work has been performed at the Festival by Margaret Lancaster, Conrad Harris, Hilton Jones, and the USF Percussion Ensemble. 
Reller received a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Minnesota and a Master’s Degree at the Eastman School of Music. While at Eastman he received the Harold Hanson Large Ensemble Prize. He has also won the Bearns Prize, a BMI Student Composer Award, and two ASCAP awards. His teachers include Samuel Adler, Dominick Argento, Paul Fetler, David Liptak, Robert Morris, Allan Shindler, and Joseph Schwantner. 
In 2002, Reller released a two-CD set featuring his compositions for acoustic and electronic instruments entitled The Big Vibration. He produced albums for G.G. Allin (Carnival of Excess), Tiny Tim (Prisoner of Love), and Clang, his own band. He wrote and sang for the three CDs they released including Lovey-Dovey, Pol Pot Pie, and The Curse of Clang. 
Reller has worked extensively in theater and dance and was composer-in-residence for the Jobsite Theater in 1999-2000. Jobsite produced his musical, The Ruins or Meditations on the Revolutions of Empires and the Law of Nature, at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center in the summer of 2000. He served as composer, music director, and performer for USF's Department of Theater and Dance.