Kiran Garimella

Kiran Garimella

Assistant Professor of Instruction
Room: CIS 2077
Phone: (262) 909-4192

Kiran Garimella is an assistant professor of instruction in the USF School of Information Systems and Management, which is part of the USF Muma College of Business. His research interests include blockchain and machine learning, specifically on the integration of machine learning into distributed ledger technology (blockchain), functional security of blockchain applications, dynamic consensus mechanisms, dynamic allocation of multiparty blockchain channels in supply chains, and distributed ecosystem formation.

Garimella has published several papers in IEEE, INFORMS, and WITS, the latest one being  "Enhancing Trust in Business Ecosystems with Blockchain Technology" in the IEEE Engineering Management Review, 2020.

He has extensive corporate experience as a C-level executive, serving as Global CIO for General Electric and vice president and chief evangelist for business process management at Software AG. He consults actively as a strategist and thought-leader, including chief scientist at KoreConX, where he leads the strategy for building the world's largest enterprise ecosystem for the global private capital markets on an AI-based permissioned blockchain platform. The platform is deployed in 23 countries with a processing capacity of 10 billion transactions per year.

Garimella is the principal founder, developer, and chief curator of iKnowCentral.com, a co-founder of CognitiveWorld.com, and an adviser to the MidMarketPlace. He has written more than 30 articles (including seven academic publications) and delivered more than 40 keynote and conference presentations, numerous press interviews and executive masterclasses in 20 countries.

He is also the author of three books, two on business process management, widely adopted as supplemental readings at various MBA and EMBA programs worldwide. His latest book is AI+Blockchain: A Brief Guide for Game Changers, with a foreword by Vint Cerf, co-founder of the Internet. He is the recipient of numerous awards, including multiple program awards (2003-04) at General Electric and the Circle of Excellence “Best of the Best” award from Capital One.

He earned a PhD from the Warrington College of Business, University of Florida. His doctoral thesis was "A Knowledge-Intensive Machine-Learning Approach to the Principal-Agent Problem."


  • ISM 6021 - Management Information Systems

  • ISM 6136 - Data Mining

  • QMB 6305 - Managerial Decision Analysis

  • QMB 6358 - Data Analytics for Business

  • Special Topics ISM 6930

    • Statistical Programming for Business Analytics
    • Fundamentals of Data Management and Analysis
    • Fundamentals of Fintech
    • Blockchain Fundamentals


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