Grandon Gill

Grandon Gill

Room: CIS 2078
Phone: (813) 974-6755
Fax: (813) 974-6755

Grandon Gill is a professor in the School of Information Systems and Management and the academic director of the Doctor of Business Administration program. Within the DBA, he teaches a variety of courses that include informing science, a second-year publication course and two issues courses in which candidates present their research. At the master’s level, he teaches the capstone courses in the Online and Executive MBA programs and also teaches Advanced Systems Analysis and Design in the MS-BAIS program. He received USF's Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award in 2007 and 2013.

Gill’s research focus is the transdiscipline known as informing science, a field that focuses on the synthesis of research about informing from many different disciplines. He is also passionate about using technology as a teaching tool and has studied distance learning, strategy and practice, alternative course designs and tools for course development and delivery. His research in these areas has been published in many journals, including Informing Science, Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education, the Journal of Information Systems Education, eLearn, and the Journal of IT Education. He has also published multiple times in MIS Quarterly -- the MIS discipline's leading journal. He has received several grants for his case research, including two grants from the National Science Foundation ($170,000 and $300,000), a DoD grant ($58,000) and a core Fulbright Award. He received the inaugural Zbigniew Gackowski Award for lifetime contribution to informing science in 2014, a USF Outstanding Faculty award in 2016 and the Ranulph Glanville Memorial Award for Excellence in Case Method and Cyber-security in 2018. His contributions to case writing and research were also the focus of a special issue of the Journal Management Decision in 2014.

Gill earned a DBA and an MBA from Harvard Business School and a bachelor's degree from Harvard College. He  joined USF in 2001, coming from Florida Atlantic University. Prior to joining academia, he worked as a consultant, president of a small agricultural chemicals firm and served in the U.S. Navy as a nuclear-trained submarine officer.


  • ISM 7930 – Informing Science
  • ISM 7931 – DBA Publication Course

  • GEB 6898 – Analytics and Risk Management

  • ISM 6124 – Advanced Systems Analysis and Design

  • MAN 6930 – Business Problem Solving

  • GEB 7939 – Executive Issues in Business

Recent Research

  • Gill, T.G., Mullarkey, M. and Satterfield, R., (2018), "Informing on a Rugged Landscape: How Complexity Drives our Preferred Information Sources," Informing Science, 21, 1-18.

  • Twinomurinzi, H., Mzazi, V.Z. & Gill, T.G. (Eds.), (2018), "Transforming Society Using ICT: Contemporary Discussion Cases from Africa, Informing Science Press.

  • Gill, T.G. (Ed.), (2018), "Cybersecurity Discussion Cases," Informing Science Press.

  • Gill, T.G., Mullarkey, M., Mohr, J. & Limayem, M., (2016), "Building an Informing Business School: A Case Study of USF’s Muma College of Business." Informing Science, 19. 1-73.

  • Gill, T.G., (2015), "Concepts and Systems. & Informing Science, Volume 2: Design and Research," Informing Science Press, Volume 1

  • Gill, T.G., (2015). "Concepts and Systems," Santa Rosa, CA: Informing Science Press.


  • Editor-in-chief, the Muma Business Review and the Muma Case Review
  • Inaugural president, Informing Science Institute, a 20-year-old research organization that became a non-profit in 2019.
  • Editor in chief, Informing Science: The International Journal of an Emerging Transdiscipline
  • Editor, Journal of IT Education.
  • Faculty coach, CA International Case Competition, where USF's 2011 team placed 2nd in the world.