Wendy Jennings

Wendy Jennings

Office Manager
Campus: Tampa
Phone: 813-974-5978

Wendy Jennings is the office manager in the School of Marketing and Innovation. Her job responsibilities include assisting the director, scheduling classes, department budgeting, HR appointments, payroll certification, meeting minutes and assistance with searches. Prior to moving to this position in 2002, she was a staff assistant in the Lynn Pippenger School of Accountancy, joining the department in 1994 and assisting the Quinn Endowed Chair.

Jennings has served on the USF Staff Senate for many years and on its executive board as secretary.  She has also served on the President’s Title IX Committee and the Athletics Council and is currently a member of the Marshall Center Advisory Board. Prior to joining USF, she worked in the private sector for an international data processing consulting firm.

She completed her associate's degree and continued her education here at USF with a focus in business management. She has also worked as an editorial consultant for the past 20 years primarily focusing on academic journal manuscripts.