Marvin Karlins

Marv Karlins

Room: BSN 3213
Phone: (813) 974-1746
Fax: (813) 905-9964

Marvin Karlins is a professor in the School of Information Systems and Management who teaches required courses in the principles of management. He also teaches behavior-oriented courses organizaational behavior. Twice named Outstanding Teacher of the Year for the Muma College of Business, Karlins has also received USF's President's Award for Outstanding Achievement.

His varied research interests include stress and time management, leadership, motivation, aviation crew resource management, interpersonal effectiveness, aging and the psychology of gambling. The author of 30 books, he has had more than 150 articles published in a wide spectrum of professional, academic and popular journals. He was an instructor at Princeton University and taught at the University of Pittsburgh, City College of CUNY and Southern Illinois University. He has served as a special consultant for Singapore Airlines for 20 years, training employees at all levels in operations, customer service, teamwork, communication and interpersonal effectiveness.

Karlins earned a PhD and a master's degree from Princeton University and a bachelor's degree from the University of Minnesota.


  • MAN 3025 - Principles of Management
  • MAN 3240 - Organizational Behavior


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  • Associate editor, Ammons Scientific Journal, Innovative Teaching
  • Adviser, several student organizations on campus