Michael Luckett

Michael Luckett

Campus: St. Petersburg
Room: LPH 437
Phone: 727-873-4084

Mike Luckett is a marketing professor in the School of Marketing and Innovation in St. Petersburg. He has taught at the university since 2001 and is drawn to the topic of marketing because of its constantly changing discipline that lays the foundation for business success.

His research interests lie in retail and marketing strategy, electronic commerce flow experience and the application of emerging technologies to business problems. Luckett has published his work in numerous refereed journals, including the International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing, the Journal of Applied Business Research, the Journal of Consumer Behavior and more. He was also the 2013-14 winner of the Best Paper (Product and Brand Management Track) at the Society for Marketing Advances Annual Conference in South Carolina.

He earned a PhD, an MBA and a bachelor's degree from the University of Georgia.


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