Seçkİn Özkul

Seckin Ozkul

Assistant Professor
Director, Supply Chain Innovation Lab  
Room: BSN 2401 F
Phone: 813-974-2530

Seçkin Özkul is an assistant professor in supply chain management in the School of Marketing and Innovation. He spearheads the Supply Chain Innovation Lab, which brings industry and academic supply chain management experts together to work on research projects tackling some of the industry’s biggest challenges. Özkul is also an affiliated faculty member with the USF Center for Urban Transportation Research. 

Özkul has extensive experience in funded research project management as principal investigator and conducted research in the areas of operations management, supply chain and logistics modeling/optimization, logistics activity center location/site selection optimization as well as freight mobility and planning over the past decade for national, state and locally funded research projects for both public and private entities. He is a licensed professional engineer in the state of Florida with more than 12 years of experience in the freight transportation/logistics field. Özkul was appointed to the Florida Freight Advisory Committee in 2019 for a term of three years and advises the Florida Department of Transportation’s freight planning efforts.

Özkul earned a PhD in engineering with a focus on freight transportation/logistics operations, from the University of Florida, a master’s degree in marketing with a concentration in supply chain management and a master's degree in engineering from USF, and a bachelor's degree in engineering from Auburn University.


  • SCM 4420 - Supply Chain Analytics

  • MAN 4504 - Operations and Supply Chain Management

  • SCM 6206 - Logistics Systems and Analytics

  • GEB 6527 - Lean Six Sigma

  • QMB 6603 - Operations Management and Quality Enhancement


  • Mintsis, E., Vlahogianni, E. I., Mitsakis, E., & Özkul, S. (2021). Enhanced speed advice for connected vehicles in the proximity of signalized intersections. European Transport Research Review, 13(1), 1-14.

  • Mardani, A., Kannan, D., Hooker, R.E., Özkul, S., Alrasheddi, M., Tirkolaee, E. B. (2020). Evaluation of Green and Sustainable Supply Chain Management Using Application of Structural Equation Modelling: A systematic review of the state of the art literature and recommendations for future research. Journal of Cleaner Production, 249, 119383.

  • Kocatepe, A., Özkul, S., Ozguven, E. E., Sobanjo, J. O., & Moses, R. (2019). "The Value of Freight Accessibility: A Spatial Analysis in the Tampa Bay Region." Applied Spatial Analysis and Policy, 1-20.

  • Mardani, A., Hooker, R. E., Özkul, S., Yifan, S., Nilashi, M., Sabzi, H. Z., & Fei, G. C. (2019). "Application of Decision Making and Fuzzy Sets Theory to Evaluate the Healthcare and Medical Problems: A Review of Three Decades of Research with Recent Developments." Expert Systems with Applications, 137, 202-231.

  • Mardani, A., Fan, Y.V., Nilashi, M., Hooker, R.E., Özkul, S., Streimikiene, D., Loganathan, N. (2019). "A Two-Stage Methodology Based on Ensemble Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System to Predict Carbon Dioxide Emissions." Journal of Cleaner Production, 231, 446-461.

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  • Seman, N. A. A., Govindan, K., Mardani, A., Zakuan, N., Saman, M. Z. M., Hooker, R. E., & Özkul, S. (2019). "The Mediating Effect of Green Innovation on the Relationship Between Green Supply Chain Management and Environmental Performance." Journal of Cleaner Production, 229, 115-127

  • Monsreal-Barrera, M. M., Cruz-Mejia, O., Özkul, S., & Saucedo-Martínez, J. A. (2019). "An Optimization Model for Investment in Technology and Government Regulation." Wireless Networks, 1-13.


  • Member, Florida Freight Advisory Committee

  • Chair, TRB Freight Transportation Economics and Regulation Committee

  • Secretary, TRB Urban Freight Transportation Committee

  • Member, Muma College of Business, Undergraduate Policy Committee

  • Member, USF Muma College of Business, School of Marketing and Innovation Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

  • Member, USF Muma College of Business, Monica Wooden Center for Supply Chain Management and Sustainability Scholarship Committee

  • Fellow, International Road Federation