Han Reichgelt

Han Reichgelt

Campus: St. Petersburg
Room: LPH 430
Phone: 727-873-4786

Han Reichgelt is a professor of information systems and decision sciences in the School of Information Systems and Management on the St. Petersburg campus. He has been with USF since 2014.  His most recent research primarily focuses on using data science for social justice.  In 2018, he and USF economics instructor Rebecca Harris released important research on the cost of domestic violence in Pinellas County.  More recently he worked with a team of USF researchers and community members on a study on the history of structural racism in the City of St Petersburg and its lasting impact on Black residents in St Petersburg, Florida.

Reichgelt’s work has been published in refereed journals including the  Journal of Automated Reasoning, Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic, Artificial Intelligence, Journal of Information Systems Education and the Communications of the Association for Information Systems.

Reichgelt earned a PhD from the University of Edinburgh and a master's degree from Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen.


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  • Dong, H., Guo, X, & Reichgelt, H. (2020) “Are Extreme Negative Return Events Independent of the Market?”  Journal of Wealth Management, 2020, 22(1), 60-73
  • Ainscough, T., Shank, T. & Reichgelt, H.  “Is Globalization Still Relevant to Domestic Growth in ASEAN?” Business Journal for Entrepreneurs, 2019. Vol. 2, 63-75.