Martina Schmidt

Martina Schmidt

Professor of Instruction
Campus: St. Petersburg
Room: LPH 436
Phone: 727-873-4250

Martina Schmidt is a professor of instruction of finance in the Kate Tiedemann School of Business and Finance in St. Petersburg. A certified tennis pro, she brings that enthusiasm from the courts to the classroom. She has taught at USF since 2000 and is a licensed real estate broker who has published work in peer-reviewed journals, coached men’s and women’s tennis teams and traveled the world.

Her research interests include corporate finance, financial fraud, real estate, investments, international finance, mutual funds, closed-end funds and online education. Her work has been published in the William & Mary Business Law Review, the Journal of Financial Crime, the Journal of the Academy of Business Education and the Journal of Business and Economic Perspectives, among others. She has given presentations on investing, health care fraud and real estate issues at numerous conferences and has had two of her online courses certified by Quality Matters. She has won the college's Teaching Excellence Award twice.

She earned a PhD and an MBA from Florida Atlantic Univesity.


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