Alison Watkins

Alison Watkins

Campus: St. Petersburg
Room: LPH 316C
Phone: 727-873-4086

Alison Watkins is a professor in the School of Marketing and Innovation in St. Petersburg. She has been teaching at USF since 2001 and imparts her knowledge in courses such as business application development, business data communications, computers in business and more.

Watkins' research has been published in many refereed journals, including Big DataBehavior Research Methods and the International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology. In 2016-17, she received the Best Prototype Award for predicting the winner of an NBA game in real-time at the Workshop on Information Technology and Systems (WITS) in Dublin, Ireland. She has also received Quality Matters certification for her Business Application Development course.

She earned a PhD and master's degree from the Universty of Plymouth in the United Kingdom.


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