Florida Business Analytics Forum


Renowned experts of artificial intelligence and machine learning will speak at the Florida Business Analytics Forum, hosted by the University of South Florida’s Muma College of Business in May. Healthcare will be a big focus this year, with speakers addressing the future of AI in medicine and ways of dealing with the potential for racial bias as well as applications in dyslexia. The event is on a virtual platform that likely will draw thousands of registrants.

The field of academic specialists will deliver keynote talks during the three-hour event, discussing cutting-edge topics in business analytics. The forum is a signature event of the Muma College of Business’ Center for Analytics and Creativity.

“This is the fourth year we are bringing this event to our community free of cost to attend,” said Balaji Padmanabhan, director of the center and coordinator of the event. “Our overarching goal has always been to bring cutting-edge ideas within the analytics space for our attendees and each year our choice of topics and speakers has reflected this.

“Our speakers have been incredible thought leaders in this space and the thing we offer to them each year is the possibility of impact – translating their ideas into practice,” he said. “This year’s speakers continue this tradition and I urge our attendees to find ways not just to attend this event alone, but also to invite their colleagues so that the ideas can spark discussion within their teams.

“Ultimately, for us, it is all about facilitating the movement of new ideas and knowledge from thought leaders into teams whose jobs it is every day to make analytics work in organizations,” Padmanabhan said. “Our event each year has provided a wonderful platform for this and I can assure attendees that this year might even be the best to date.”

The event takes place from noon until 3 p.m. on May 20.