Center for Analytics and Creativity


PhD in Big Data Analytics

The center faculty are actively involved in an interdisciplinary PhD program in Big Data Analytics. Business partners interested in supporting this program with data projects should contact the center directors.

The center's mission is to facilitate the discovery and dissemination of insights through the power of analytical and creative thinking. This involves fostering a climate of innovation and analytics throughout the school's administration, classrooms, and research, thereby including activities such as the following:

  1. Promoting cutting-edge research to address business and organizational challenges, including research on analytics and creativity.

  2. Disseminating research that can be directly actionable for our industry partners.

  3. Providing relevant mentoring for analysts and executives through periodic retreats, on-call advice on analytical and innovative initiatives, and educational offerings to past, present, and future partners.

  4. Providing a forum for networking where industry partners can learn the latest advances in analytics and creativity.

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