Center for Analytics and Creativity

Governance Structure

  1. Center Governance Board: This is the top level body that sets direction and provides oversight to the center. The membership to this board consists of the USF Muma College of Business dean (or associate dean), center director, three faculty nominees from the college, and nominees from the platinum partners.

  2. Center Advisory Council: This body's role is advisory in nature. It consists of nominees from all platinum, gold, and silver partners. The center director will hold at least one center advisory council meeting a year, to which, all faculty members participating in the center activities will be invited.

  3. Center Operations Council: This body consists of all faculty members and staff participating in the center activities. This body will be responsible for periodic review and planning of center operations. The center director will hold center operations council meetings on a need basis, but at least once, every quarter.

  4. Center Director: This person will be responsible for the overall operations of the center, ensuring that the center is self-sustaining, and the center is able to meet its commitments to all stakeholders in a timely fashion.