Monica Wooden Center for Supply Chain Management & Sustainability

Business Partners

The center's research and teaching benefits students, scholars, and business partners, with significant opportunities for businesses that become members of the center.

Important Dates

  • Nov. 29 — CSCMP banquet
  • Dec. 7 — Fall semester ends
  • Jan. 12 — Spring semester begins
  • January — Welcome social
  • Feb. 22 — Meet the Employer event
  • March — Meeting with business partner
  • April — Student banquet
  • April 29 - May 1 — Florida Supply Chain Summit, Miami
  • May — Monica Wooden Center fundraising event

Key Supply Chain Center Functions

  • Conducting "real-world" research with practical implications for business.
  • Hosting networking opportunities for students, faculty, and businesses.
  • Providing executive education to help business leaders improve efficiency and competitiveness.
  • Offers bachelor's and master's degrees in supply chain management where significant job prospects exist for graduating students and equipping business leaders for promotional opportunities.  
  • Supporting students' development of the knowledge and skills needed for success in the global marketplace and community.
  • Creating opportunities for students to work on short-term research projects and participate in internships.
  • Providing possible opportunities for members to serve as guest lecturers or host students for off-site learning opportunities.
  • Class curriculum input from business partners that enables state of the art learning – systems, business analytics, data science methods and tools

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