LEADForward℠ Roundtables


LEADForward℠ Roundtables

The Bishop Center for Ethical Leadership at the Muma College of Business is proud to partner with Accendo Leadership Advisory Group to offer executive-level training for high-potential women leaders in Tampa Bay.


Rachael M. Crews
Shareholder at Gray Robinson

“Accendo’s LEADForwardSM program has been exceptionally valuable to me as a female lawyer trying to excel in a field, which is still strongly male-dominated.

Participating in the sessions helped me sharpen my vision for the future, hone my negotiating skills, and perhaps most importantly, rethink my leadership roles and capabilities.”


LEADForward Roundtables are transformative, year-long, peer support groups led by Accendo partners, who are accomplished C-suite female leaders and certified executive coaches.

Each cohort includes up to 15 women who meet 9 times over the course of the year. This year’s cohort will be designed as a virtual experience, but MAY include some in-person sessions toward the later months of the program, IF conditions permit. Any In-person sessions would take place only if we are able to deliver in accordance with all Covid-19 safety guidelines and provided 100% of the participants are comfortable with the gatherings. Participants also receive 3 individual coaching sessions. Participants are high-potential female leaders with 10-15+ years of career experience and a proven ability in leadership roles who aspire to grow their careers at least 1-2 levels.

Organizational benefits of participating in LEADForwardSM 

  • Accelerate readiness of high potential women leaders for executive roles.
  • Enhance engagement, and thus retention, of high potential women leaders. 
  • Contribute to diversifying the gender mix within executive teams.


Members can be from the same company, network or industry, own their own business or simply opt in individually. The “low coach to leader” ratio allows for exclusive access and a hands on experience like no other. The group meets nine times over the course of one year to learn, share and challenge each other. Additionally, every member gets their turn in the FeedForward Opportunity Seat. The “Seat” is a positive way for each member to maximize and leverage the collective wisdom of the group to help solve a pressing issue.

Each participant receives three individual sessions with an Accendo executive coach. Cost is $4,800 per person which includes member registration and materials.
The next Tampa Bay cohort begins on April 29, 2021. Complete the application here.

Topics and Themes

  • Leading through Self-Discovery and Personal Vision
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • Communicating with Confidence, Presence & Authority
  • Accelerating Your Career Through Development, Networks, Mentorship & Sponsorship
  • Leading and Coaching to Ignite and Engage People
  • Leading Through Crisis & Change
  • Negotiating to Get What you Want
  • Practicing Balance and Renewal
  • Leadership Simulation and Celebration

Executive Coaches

Accendo partners are certified in the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching methodology, which has helped hundreds of Fortune 500 CEOs and associated teams take their game to the next level.

 karen dee

Karen L. Dee

Karen Dee is an executive coach, thought leader and speaker. She is a former chief executive with a 30-plus year track record of driving profitable business growth. Dee has a strong sales, financial and operational background. She has coached hundreds of leaders to achieve higher performance, while helping already highly performing teams accelerate to the next level.

 cari coats

Cari Coats

Cari Coats is a leadership strategist, executive coach, business advisor and speaker. Her 30-plus year professional career includes deep operational experience at the highest level, including executive roles in professional sports and financial services. Coats has worked extensively with corporate founders, CEOs and their teams to improve both individual and team performance.

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Accendo’s LEADForward℠ Roundtables are a year-long journey with regular virtual sessions. By delivering a winning combination of both individual and group coaching, LEADForward℠ Roundtables are well proven to accelerate leadership success.

Cost is $4,800 per person which includes member registration and materials.
Questions? Please contact Karen.Dee@accendoleader.com or Cari.Coats@accendoleader.com or call (813) 240-1642