Fintech Certificate


Fintech Certificate

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Financial technology, commonly known as fintech, has rapidly emerged as one of the most dynamic and vital aspects of business today, projected to become a $1.5 trillion industry by 2030. Fintech operates at the expanding interface of finance and technology, with a primary goal of providing significant efficiency, innovation and convenience for businesses and consumers alike. The speed and scale of innovation emerging from the fintech space has created an expanding range of market opportunities for all industry verticals.  

As fintech technology, strategy and business practice advances at all levels and within every business sector, the need for professionals with fintech knowledge will continue to increase. Earning a USF fintech certificate is one way for all students, professionals and lifelong learners to develop critical knowledge for this current technology-driven era. 

This eight-week online program is designed to provide an overview of foundational fintech topics such as blockchain, cryptocurrency, non-fungible assets, decentralized finance (DeFi) and alternative lending. USF faculty will provide non-technical lessons related to emerging technologies and introduce key terms, concepts and applications. Industry experts from a variety of business sectors will present real-world perspectives and actual industry use cases. Participants will discover how fintech is positively disrupting and reshaping a range of sectors including banking, financial services, insurance, supply chain, and professional sports. Participants will also gain a clearer understanding of important legal and regulatory issues within the rapidly advancing fintech space. Those who complete this program will be better equipped to identify emerging trends and opportunities as fintech continues to advance innovation and opportunity for business and society.  

This program is well-suited for students, lifelong learners and working professionals in all industries who wish to gain a foundational understanding of fintech, but who don't necessarily intend to pursue a formal degree. Participants will earn an official USF certificate upon successful completion of all modules.