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Business Engagement

For any questions regarding business engagement with the Muma College of Business, you may contact each program directly or

  • Cyndy Sanberg, PhD
    Senior Director of Business Engagement & Internships

Practice Center

The ISDS Practice Center gives students with new skills and experiences with "real world" projects sponsored by industry partners. Students work in groups of two performing collaborative team-based projects. Every project is supervised by at least one ISDS faculty mentor and at least one representative of the project-sponsoring industry partner. Projects typically last one semester. Based on a project's outcome or the nature of the project, an industry partner may choose to sponsor the next phase or a new project for an additional semester. Some flexibility is built into this program for situations where the project start date cannot coincide with the start of the semester, or where industry partners require students to work on multiple projects. However, the selection of projects should be based on some learning objectives. There is also some flexibility as to the location where students complete project work (at the USF campus and/or sponsoring industry partner facilities).

  • The center is supported by private gifts as well as support from the industry partners who benefit from the services performed.
  • Projects are selected two months before the start of the semester in which students work on projects. Applications may come from companies or students themselves.
  • Participants must be ISDS students and are selected based on GPA, skill sets, and the availability of projects. Honors students are encouraged to apply as project work could be part of an honors thesis, subject to the terms of the non-disclosure agreements.
  • Practice Center partners have included 3M, Bank of America, Citigroup, Colliers International Fintech, Grow Financial, Jagged Peak, JP Morgan Chase, LeapDoctor, Raymond James Financial, USF Health, and Verizon.


Anna Bahvala
ISDS Academic Services Administrator

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Muma Analytics Team

The Muma Analytics Team is supported by the Information Systems and Decision Sciences Department (ISDS) as part of the college's ongoing efforts to promote student success. The mission of this team is to participate in competitive college and industry programming competitions throughout the academic year. The team will also organize analytics and programming competitions in the local area to promote quantitative thinking among local youth. This team will consist of motivated undergraduate students who are eager to solve complex programming and analytical problems in multiple domains. An important goal of the Muma Analytics Team is to encourage women to join the teams.

The team will be coached and mentored by USF ISDS Faculty and others throughout the academic year to ensure the highest level of competitive preparedness for competitions.

Members of the Muma Analytics Team are supported financially through work arrangements with local industry partners. Members will be expected to regularly attend coaching sessions and participate in team practices and scheduled events on a continual basis.


Clinton Daniel
ISDS, Instructor

Citizen Data Science Program

While every company is interested in harnessing the power of analytics and data science to improve its business, employees with a deep understanding of how to interpret those mountains of data are few and far between.

Muma College of Business faculty taught and advised Jabil participants as they worked on their projects, using advanced data management techniques, statistics and statistical programming, predictive modeling, artificial intelligence, big data systems, and business and economic principles.

USF Professor Balaji Padmanabhan, who launched this program along with Adams and faculty members Matthew Mullarkey and Kaushik Dutta, said that these kinds of programs represent the future of collaboration between business and academic researchers.


Balaji Padmanhaban, PhD
ISDS, Director – Center for Creativity & Analytics

Digital Marketing Executive Certificate

The Digital Marketing Certificate at the USF Muma College of Business is a hands-on, four-day immersion program where students learn to apply principles and techniques that drive success in marketing in the digital age. Students get to solve real-world challenges and use practices developed by top companies, while digital marketing experts and professional instructors guide them through every step. Throughout the program, students continuously build their own toolset and develop a unique, personalized digital marketing portfolio. This program helps students

  • Develop strategies applying to their business.
  • Eliminate barriers and develop a customer-centric innovation mindset.
  • Break through silos to bring their organization together on behalf of their customers.
  • Gain customer insights and turn ideas into action.

Certificate requires the completion of 9 modules:

  1. Strategic digital marketing
  2. Content marketing
  3. Strategic social media
  4. Integrating digital marketing
  5. Marketing automation
  6. Driving innovation via digital metrics
  7. Data-analytics and measurements
  8. Digital transformation
  9. Digital marketing capstone project

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Compliance, Risk, and Anti-Money Laundering Certification Program

This certificate program is targeted to meet the needs of executives seeking continuing education in the growing field of business risk assessment, compliance, and anti-money laundering. The four courses in the certificate program will provide participants with a strong foundation in risk identification, assessment and management techniques. The program also focuses on knowledge regarding compliance with various rules, laws, and regulations affecting businesses.

The forensic accounting course in the program specifically focuses on fraud prevention, detection, and investigation, including the litigation aspect of fraud. The information technology control and audit course is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to add value to organizations as an auditor of IT-intensive accounting systems. The statistical data mining course will provide skills necessary to apply advanced statistical techniques to "mine" data to glean actionable insights relating to meet anti-money laundering objectives.

Completion of this graduate certificate program may help prepare participants to take the exam for the Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) certification.


  • BUL 5842 – Risk management and legal compliance – Offered Summer, Fall and Spring semesters (3 credits)
  • ACG 6688 Forensic Accounting & Legal Issues – Offered Fall semester (3 credits)
  • ACG 6457 – Accounting systems audit, control and security – Offered Spring semester (3 credits)
  • ISM 6137 – Statistical data mining – Offered Summer and Spring semesters (3 credits)


Uday Murthy, PhD
Lynn Pipenger School of Accountancy - Chair