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Vietnamese students explore the emergent field of Management Information Systems (MIS) and its career opportunities in the US

published in Vietweek

Grandon Gill teaching

(May 17, 2013) — For students who are passionate about studying in the United States, Education USA is not a strange name. In Vietnam, one of the noteworthy activities delivered by this organization is the holding of seminars on various cultural topics, as well as on academic programs in the US, which aim to widen students' knowledge about different aspects of the country.

On Thursday May 15, the center was honored to welcome Professor Grandon Gill from the Information Systems and Decision Sciences Department of the University of South Florida (USF) to give a presentation on "Study Management Information Systems in the US and career opportunities." Holding a doctorate in MIS and an MBA from Harvard Business School, Professor Gill inspired participating students with his deep understanding about this emerging field and its demand for human resources, especially in the global business context.

"In today's job market, top companies are seeking grads who have both technological skills and business acumen. At USF, we are proud to deliver our innovative MIS program that produces qualified grads capable of managing projects, understanding IT priorities, and working collaboratively across departments upon leaving USF," said Professor Gill.

Apart from leading an introductory Education USA seminar on MIS for Vietnamese students, Professor Gill also spoke at the 4th International Conference on Information Systems Management and Evaluation (ICIME) 2013 held on May 13-14 at RMIT University. Professor Gill and RMIT are also collaborating to publish a collection of 12 case studies about Business Information System and most of them are applied for Vietnam context.