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USF Faculty Share Their Knowledge

Sept. 9, 2014 -- When members of the media have questions about how companies and organizations do business -- whether it's about retailers putting up holiday decorations in August, businesses affected by hackers, or controversies with sports teams -- they often turn to USF Muma College of Business faculty members to learn how the news of the day will affect the bottom line.

Within the past few months alone, USF professors have been quoted in the LA Times, The Times of India, the New York Times, and numerous other local publications and news stations.

Bill Sutton, director of the USF Sport & Entertainment Management Program, has recently been the go-to source nationwide for insight on the business of the NBA, specifically related to the sale of the Atlanta Hawks.

"I think it's the toughest market in the United States," Sutton told the New York Times of Atlanta this week. "It's a transplant market. It's an SEC market. It's a market that hasn't latched onto their sports. It's a team I would have already expected to be up for sale."

Other faculty members also speak to reporters about their expertise on the issues affecting business worldwide, such as ISDS Associate Professor Manish Agrawal speaking about the role social media plays in disaster response after the Malaysian Airlines crash, or Associate Marketing Professor Dipayan Biswas talking about the business strategy behind early holiday retail pushes.

Regardless of the issue at hand, USF faculty members are sharing their knowledge in the media almost daily, raising the USF Muma College of Business profile worldwide.