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ISDS Instructor Doreen MacAulay Receives the Muma College of Business Outstanding Teacher Award

By Keith Morelli

Doreen MacAulay and Moez Limayem

TAMPA (April 5, 2018) -- Midway through a recent teaching symposium in the Muma College of Business, the attending business educators took time out to honor one of their own.

Karla "Doreen" MacAulay, an instructor with the Information Systems and Decision Sciences Department, and coordinator of numerous projects ranging from case competitions to various workshops, was named the recipient of this year's Muma College of Business Outstanding Teacher Award.

"I was sincerely humbled to receive this award, especially considering the caliber of our colleagues," MacAulay said. "I would like to express my appreciation to the selection committee for choosing me. I would also like to thank my teaching assistant team for supporting me and making the work that I do possible.

"I truly enjoy facilitating the learning process," she said, "and to be recognized for something I am passionate about is very gratifying."

MacAulay, who teaches principles of management, organizational behavioral analysis, strategic management and leadership/management concepts, received a PhD in management from St. Mary's University in Nova Scotia, an MBA from the University of New Brunswick and a bachelor's degree in psychology from St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia.

She has been an instructor at the Muma College of Business since 2012.

When she came here some six years ago, MacAulay said, "I couldn't have come into a better family."

The award was presented at just the right time, when dozens of professors and instructors were gathered in the dean's boardroom to hear about innovative ways to engage students. Accounting Instructor Jennifer Cainas, who was the inaugural recipient of last year's outstanding teacher award, spoke about her methods and Gundula Bosch, the keynote speaker, gave a presentation titled: "Training Students to be Thinkers." Bosch is the program director and educational researcher in the Department of Molecular Microbiology & Immunology at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Muma College of Business Dean Moez Limayem said the award, which includes a $12,500 check, recognizes faculty who take that extra step above their normal duties.

"They must be creative and innovative," he said. "This is not just about who has the best teacher evaluations. It's about true excellence."

He said no one should be surprised at MacAulay earning the award. She regularly exceeds what is required. An example of this: She actually helped coordinate the teaching symposium at which her award was presented.

But it's the students, Limayem said, who are MacAulay's top priority: "She always is the first to volunteer for initiatives that support student success."