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Sport and Entertainment Management Students Spend Time in the City of Angels, Visit Dodger Stadium

By Daynah Singh

Students at Dodger Stadium

TAMPA (April 5, 2018) -- Second-year students at the Vinik Sport & Entertainment Management Program hit the West Coast in January to explore the city's impressive sport and entertainment industry and to network with some of its high-level executives.

Known as the annual LA trip, the week-long excursion offers graduating students in the two-year, dual-degree sport and entertainment management program a chance to meet with professionals from Ticketmaster, Fox Sports Studios, the Los Angeles Dodgers and more.

"If a program can provide access to these professionals, it makes a huge difference," said student Zach Korman. "Not only are students meeting the people in these roles, but they also are learning what they are doing."

Korman said that one of the most beneficial parts of the trip was the annual networking dinner, attended by high-profile industry executives. With a ratio of one student to every three professionals, students gained both insider insight and personalized advice.

"Through these industry relationships, our students even have the opportunity to interview," said Michelle Harrolle, assistant professor with the Vinik Sport & Entertainment Management Program.

The annual trip also gives students a first-hand view of the way the sport and entertainment industry works. This opportunity – exclusive to USF students – allows students to grow their network and open their perspectives. Harrolle has seen many students use these valuable connections to get jobs after graduation.

"Executives in the industry have recognized that our faculty develop students both personally and professionally," said Harrolle. "Our students leave our program and can step right into positions going 100 percent from day one without a lot of company training."

From touring the Staples Center to being addressed by presidents and CMOs of various companies, each student had their own takeaways. The trip served as a reminder that the sport and entertainment industry spans the country, not just the East Coast. The trip is also something that sets the Vinik Sport & Entertainment Management Program apart.

"Very, very few programs provide one extensive class trip for all of their students," Harrolle said. "And to my knowledge no other program is fully funding (outside of airfare) an entire class to go on class trips."

Between executive speakers, valuable question-and-answer panels and private tours, students also sampled the famous In-N-Out Burger and explored Venice Beach.